Friday, March 2, 2012


The girls have been pretty good the past few days. (they wouldn't quit being goofy while I tried to take thier picture, though) On tuesday, the first day Daddy was gone, Kara and Kiersten both tested me to see if I'd be sticking to the rules without him around to back me up. Kiersten colored on the couch and wall, which she definitely knows is not allowed. She told me the reason she did it was because she thought that no one would find out. Kara teased and tormented Kiersten at dinner, and after I warned her to stop, she looked at me, and then slowly reached over and shoved Kiersten's placemat away. So she had to be in time out for 6 minutes, which seemed like forever, but I'm glad she decided to find out from the beginning that the rules are no different with daddy gone. They have been good ever since. Evie gets a little upset when we close the computer after skyping with daddy, but she recovers pretty quickly and has been going to bed pretty easily. So we miss you tons Ben, but things are going fine here, and we are plugging along, checking things off the to do list.

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