Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 girls update

Tomorrow is the last day of 2011, so I want to update about the girls again this year.

Karalee Ilyana:

Special things about Kara:

She is so smart and always looking for things to learn. she seems to be interested in everything. She has gotten good enough at nintendo that she can beat me at several games (without me letting her win on purpose). She takes her role as oldest sister very seriously, and reports back to me if she thinks anyone is doing something they shouldn't be. She also likes to encourage Kiersten to help clean up. She loves making friends, and always asks if she can have play dates. She is still a rule follower, and can get a little upset if she feels the rules are being broken by someone, especially herself.

2011 accomplishments:

This year Kara played on a soccer team, started kindergarten, had her first crush, became a star speller at school, counted to 1000, learned to make suckers by herself, rode a horse on her own, was a flower girls in Katie's wedding, got her own room, learned to swim (pretty well), and was tall enough to ride almost all of the rides and disneyland and seaworld.

Here are her favorite things. I used the same questions I asked her last year. It was kinda funny to see some of the different answers, and some things that haven't changed.

favorite color-pink
favorite animal-cat
favorite food- mac and cheese
favorite song- "wouldn't have nothin' if I didn't have you"
favorite game- disney universe
favorite movie- Frosty the snowman
favorite tv show-strawberry shortcake
best friend- Kiersten ( I was surprised she said that)
favorite playtime activity- playing my little ponies
favorite toy- Strawberry shortcake doll
favortie non playtime activity- making snowflakes
if she could see anyone in the world at this moment- Daddy
favorite outdoor activity- playing rapunzel on the swing set
favortie outfit-black and grey dress she wears at least once a week
favorite thing to do with mommy- make projects
favorite thing to do with daddy- play nintendo
one food she doesn't like-spinach
one thing she doesn't like- her sisters making messes

as of today, Kara weighs 42lbs and is 49 inches tall.

Kiersten Joy:

Special things about Kiersten:

She is such a sweet little thing. She loves all of her dolls and stuffed animals, and takes great care of them. She hates other people fighting, (though she doesn't seem to mind doing it herself). She is fascinated with people being in love, movies about love, and books about falling in love. she is already looking out for her own future prince. She is very clever, and picks up on everything. She is happy to be doing whatever Kara, Ben or I happen to be doing, even if it doesn't really include her. She will gladly sit and watch Kara and Ben play nintendo, and is content to pretend she is playing too. She just wants to be with the rest of us. She is the snuggliest kid ever. Instead of sitting by me on the couch, she keeps scooting closer, and trying to climb up on top of me. Ben calls her the ultimate space invader. She tries to hug all of her classmates everyday when we leave school, though some of the boys run away from her. She also would hug Kara's soccer teammates this fall when we left practice and scream that she loved them.

2011 accomplishments:

This year Kiersten started preschool, learned to write her name, counted to 100, learned to spell a handfull of words, danced and sang in a recital, learned to use scizzors, started cleaning her own room, and started helping with housework. She also was a flower girl in her aunt Katie's wedding.

Kiersten's favorite things:

Favorite color-green

favorite animal- white cats

favorite food- french fries

favorite song- "Once upon a dream"

favorite game- hide and seek

favorite movie- the little mermaid

favorite tv show- strawberry shortcake

best friend-mommy

favorite playtime activity- playing barbies

favorite toy- wedding princess polly pocket dolls

favortie non playtime activity- coloring with crayons

person she wishes she could see right now- Papa

favorite outdoor activity-bouncing balls

favorite outfit- purple flower skirt

favorite thing to do with mommy- paint

favorite thing to do with daddy- go to the candy store

one food she doesn't like-brussel sprouts

one thing she doesn't like- Evie hitting her

Kiersten is 34lbs and is 40 1/2 inches tall.

Evangeline Rebecca:

Special things about Evie:

She is a happy little girl. She know she is the baby, and feels that everyone is around to amuse her or do things for her. She loves fruit, and we have had to start keeping our fruit bowl higher, so she doesn't just help herself. She loves to push our little stool around the kitchen to reach up onto the counters. She loves candy and if she sees anyone go near the cupboard where we keep snacks, she very vocally requests a snack too. She really likes to watch tv. We never worried about the girls' tv watching at that age, but Evie would sit in front of the tv all day if we let her. She loves to mess up the girls while they're tidying up. If she sees them in the play area putting toys away, she runs over as fast as she can to throw something on the floor. She thinks she is very funny when she does naughty things. she gets a big grin and snickers at you when she does somthing she knows she isn't supposed to.

2011 accomplishments:

this year Evie turned 1, learned to walk, learned to run, learned to jump, started dancing (especially the hotdog dance), learned to say mama, dad, Kara, mine, clubhouse, hotdog, need help, apple, and a few more words that escape me at the moment. She grew some hair, and celebrated her first valentines day, and easter. She sort of learned to brush her teeth and hair.

I know some of Evie's favorite things for sure, and others I just have a pretty good guess.

favorite color-anything bright

favorite animal-she really likes birds and squirrels

favorite food-fruit (especially apples, pears, and bananas)

favorite song-Mickey's hot dog song

favorite game-peek a boo

favorite movie-Mickey's Christmas carol

favorite tv show-Mickey mouse clubhouse

best friend-toss up between mommy and daddy

favorite playtime activity-throwing toys on the floor

favorite toy-babydoll

favorite non playtime activity- watching tv

person she'd most like to see right now-probably her daddy

favorite outdoor activity-sliding

favorite outfit- she loves any fancy dress the twirls and is fluffy

favorite thing to do with mommy-cuddle

favorite thing to do with daddy- climb all over him

one food she doesn't like- any kind of meat

one thing she doesn't like- being hugged/held down by Kiersten

Evie weighs 23lbs and is 32inches tall.

Happy New Year everyone!


Josh and Jackie said...

I love them, and I love this idea I will probably steal it from you! Miss and love you Becky hope you guys have an awesome new year! Lovies Jackie

VicandNanc said...

Very cute... I SO need to start doing this!