Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Christmas Eve

We aren't always able to be with family on Christmas, so this year, it was a special treat to have Kerry and Lana with us for the holiday. Ben took them to a few stores early saturday morning, so the girls and I had lots of time for projects and games. The girls asked to have their picture taken together in their dresses. I am not usually a fan of siblings in matching clothing, so this year I decided to challenge myself and match the girls. They all looked so adorable. And they even sorta liked having the same dress.They got to decorate their cookie we made the previous day. It got interesting.This is how it turned out. I was secretly relieved they ran out of sprinkles. I don't think it would get eaten, if it were all covered in that much frosting and sprinkles.I decided to let the girls help make a centerpiece for dinner. I pulled out all these items, and just started letting them pick things out and tell me where to glue it. I was surprised Kara really had an eye for balance, and kept it looking just about how I'd have done it myself.They love making place cards for everyone when we have holiday dinners. In this picture Kiersten started crying because she had accidentally written, "bad" instead of dad. We were able to fix it though.Kiersten got to make cards for mom, dad, and herself, since those are the names she knows how to spell.Kara did the rest of the cards.Once Ben got home with Evie, I got a picture of my three lovelies. He said Evie got many compliments at the store.One moment everyone was smiling and posing, and the next Evie was screaming her head off. I guess it was an effective way to put an end to the picture taking.Kara was distracted with something, so Kiersten took the initiative to set the table herself this year. She just started asking me for plates, glasses, etc, and she did a great job. She was so proud. She thought very hard about her seating arrangement.Ready to eat.We always open a gift on Christmas Eve. Since Evie is the littlest, she got to go first. She ripped off a bit of paper, and ran to the kitchen to throw it away. Then she came back and did the same thing again. So I brought in a trash bag so she could open it without leaving a mess. She is just so funny.We ordered their jammies from the online disney store. Our order arrived, and Evie's jammies didn't have her name embroidered on them. So Ben called to complain. They said they were out of those jammies, but would send her an embroidered bathrobe. A few days later, we got a package with 3 more sets of jammies, this time all with names. then a few days later, we got another package with the robe. So they all ended up with 2 sets of identical jammies, (except one of Evie's doesn't have her name). Plus Evie had the robe. the girls thought it was pretty funny to get 2 nightgowns that were just the same.Papa and Grams both got new robes.Ben loved his ninja turtle pants. He only wears his christmas pajamas once, so I got him the cheapest ones I could find. But just look how happy they made him.bundled up baby. The robe is her favorite part.gorgeous little girl.Bed time beauty.Leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus. Kara even wrote him a sweet little note.We always go for a drive to see the neighborhood Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. Evie and Kiersten fell asleep rather quickly, but Karalee was awake for over an hour of driving. So we went home and put her to bed. She only came out once to go to the bathroom. When we were going to bed around 11:30, I checked in on her and she was still awake. I have no idea how late she stayed up.


VicandNanc said...

Wow, you have been updating like crazy! It's been fun to read all of the good times, see the 3 beauties all dressed up, and all your projects! I don't know how you fit it all in. We bought one craft and still haven't gotten to it!!! That picture with Ben & his pj's really shows how much weight he's lost. He's lookin' good! how fun to have Dad & Lana there to share in your joy!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I love your pictures! I am happy just reading your post. Thanks you so much for sharing. The girls look so beautiful in their dresses and nighgowns.