Saturday, December 17, 2011


Friday was Kara and Kiersten's last day of school until January 9th. They had a Christmas open house at the end of the school day for their parents and siblings. I still can't believe I forgot the camera, but I did, and got no pictures. Some of the other parents had cameras, so I can probably see if someone will email me a few. They got to perform their dances again from the recital. So we got to see Kara dance with her partner this time. Kiersten was so cute strong arming her little partner, and telling him what to do. They also sang some Christmas songs for us, and then gave us gifts they bought for us on their field trip on wednesday. Then they had their gift exchange. They each had to bring 12 gifts earlier in the week, and the teacher wrapped them all up, and put them in giant gift bags. So each kid got a big bag full of little gifts to open. She also had gifts for the siblings. Evie was thrilled to get her own little bag with a few books, a ball, a stuffed owl, and a sucker. As soon as we got home, they all got into their goodies, and spent most of the evening coloring, and doing projects.
I really appreciated their teacher for having something for Evie. It truly made her day. I tried to get her picture playing with books, but of course she insisted on standing up in her picture spot.
They got mostly the same things, but a few things were different, so they made a good effort to share all the things that were different. Their teacher sent home a packet full of worksheets and projects for them to do over the break. Kara is almost completely finished with hers. I'm not too worried about them getting bored, though. I have several projects planned to do with them, and Ben came home from playing basketball and football this morning with another bag full of little projects he found at the store.
I did get this picture of Ben reading with Evie. This was before she noticed the camera.
These are the girls' pictures with santa. You may notice a difference between the two santas! I took Kara and Evie a few weeks ago, and Kiersten the following week. Kara and Evie were with me when I took Kiersten, and Kara definitely knew it was a different guy. She had been so sure the real santa was there when I took her and Evie, and as soon as she saw this guy, she whispered to me, "mom, it looks like Kiersten doesn't get to see the real santa. She should have come with us last week." I told her not to say anything to Kiersten about it. When Kiersten was on his lap, he kept trying to talk to Kara too, and asking her questions, but she really wanted nothing to do with him. It was hard not to laugh, and he was definitely confused by her. He gave her a candy cane as we were leaving, and she handed it straight to Evie.

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