Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Eve

This year we talked about having a new year's eve party. But Kara and Evie both started throwing up, and Ben and I were both sleep deprived, so we decided to just keep it to ourselves this year. We all watched a movie together, and then played some wii, and finished up the night with board games. Last year it went by so fast, but this year we kept looking at the clock and trying to think of more things to do. I was tempted just to tell the kids it was midnight, and go to bed, but I knew Ben would never go for that.

The girls still insisted on getting dressed up a little for the holiday. Kiersten got to have her daddy daughter date that afternoon. I know they went out for ice cream, but I can't remember what else they did.

Kara wore her favorite dress. she calls it her "always dress". because she always wears it as soon as it gets ironed and put back in her closet.

I made a few snacks this year, but not as much as usual. Kara and Kiersten kept changning into different pary hats all evening.

Evie couldn't really blow the party horns, but she did a pretty amazing job of mimicking the tone.

We made it to midnight, and the girls loved setting off a few little popper fireworks.

Happy New Year!


Bmills said...

I love Evie's pigtails!

VicandNanc said...

I love your header picture of Kara. She was seriously one of the most beautiful babies I've seen!