Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas morning

Christmas morning is sure fun with 3 excited little girls. Ben was woken by Evie at 3:30, and never went back to bed. It was nice to have the dishes all put away out of the dishwasher, and everything else perfect when I woke in the morning. Kiersten was up at 7. she was able to wake Evie and me successfully, but Kara didn't want to get up. So I went down and got Ben, Kerry and Lana, who were watching a movie, and we let Kiersten and Evie come find their stockings and gifts from Santa. I was worried about that shopping cart Evie got. She loved her last one, but it just kept falling apart, so Santa brought her a new one. She wanted nothing to do with it when she saw it. But today she has loved it, and pushed all her things around in it, so I guess she likes it afterall. She only cared about those tubes of mini m&m's. once she saw those, she wanted them opened, and didn't care about the rest of her goodies. She carried them around til after breakfast, I think Ben distracted her long enough to make them disappear.
Kara woke 45 minutes to an hour after the other girls. She was really cute and excited about everything. Kiersten had her stocking emptied, and tried to show her everything in there in about 15 seconds.
Evie kind of loves/fears this bunny from Grandma Howard.
I knew Kara would love this doll, but I am surprised how much. It hasn't left her side since she opened it.
The girls were opening everything so fast. Kerry and Ben had a hard time keeping up with getting things out of the packaging.
Evie's new baby doll is probably her favorite gift. It is constantly being fed and put to bed all day long.
Kara's big gift from us, was her own camera. I was looking through it this morning and she has some pretty cute pictures. I got her a memory card today, so now she'll be able to take as many pictures as she wants.
We gave Kiersten this story telling Belle. She is pretty fascinated with everything it can do. She's also worried about her perfect curls getting smashed.
We gave Evie this fun discovery table. She was getting sleepy, and laid on the box, so I couldn't get it open for her. She wouldn't get off for quite a while.
Being a little tired, she was not cooperative for her picture with gifts. This was the best we could get.
Kiersten with all of her fun things. I know a few things got left out of the picture, in the chaos of our livingroom, or Kara playing with her stuff. you can kind of see her santa gift in her lap. It's a set of little disney princesses in wedding gowns marrying their princes. She is in love with those things.
Kara is pretty pleased with her spread as well. Her santa was that my little pony next to her on the couch.
the girls made all of us play twister.
This morning Evie kept wanting to wear the little glasses that came with one of her baby dolls.
Her new favorite toy. Kara has the cutest picture on her camera of Evie kissing her baby this morning. I guess she was carrying it around and stopping every few steps to give a kiss.
Hope you all had a merry Christmas this year!

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Josh and Jackie said...

They all look like they had a great christmas!....They are all so adorable. Kaymie got a new baby too and takes it every where as well, its so fun having a girl...Love and miss you guys...