Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Kiersten was very excited for her daddy-daughter day on saturday. She even got all dressed up, and wanted her hair curled. She has been being a really good girl lately. I can't remember the last time she needed a time out. She must know that Santa's elves are watching her.
I tried to get a picture of Evie by the tree. This was the best I coud get, as she insisted on getting up on the fireplace for the picture.

While Ben and Kiersten were on their date, i took the other girls to the mall to get some things for Ben's birthday. We saw santa there, and he didn't have much of a line. Kara kept wanting to walk past and get a good look at him. She finally decided it was the real guy, and she had to go sit by him, in case the real santa doesn't come back to that mall before Christmas. Evie fell asleep in line, and after Kara sat on santa's lap, and whispered with him for a minute, I set Evie on his lap too. She kind of snuggled up into his sleeve, and then very sleepily opened her eyes. Right as they were taking the picture, she looked up at Santa, panicked, and started screaming. She looked around frantically until se saw me, and then started screaming and reaching for me. So we ended up with an interesting picture. I'll scan it in when we get Kiersten's picture with Santa this weekend. They got candy canes and a coupon for free cotton candy at Kid's Korner. so after we got the free candy, we headed home.
Here is Evie sitting at the table in her new booster seat. She eats a lot better now that she sits with the rest of us.

I bought a bunch of ornaments on clearance after Christmas last year. We ended up deciding to use black, silver, and purple on the tree this year, so I used the new ornaments to make a little wreath. I think it turned out pretty cute. The girls loved helping make this, and it was super easy, and just what we needed for the guestroom door.

This picture didn't show up too well, but this onesie was ruined by pen marks all down the front. I was going to give it to goodwill, but then decided to see if I could fix it up somehow. I figured if I messed it up, I wouldn't care, since I was getting rid of it anyway.

The new look. Kiersten is also in the picture, wearing a skirt she wanted me to make on sunday. I was too lazy to get out a pattern, so it could have turned out a little better, but she's happy with it, and was excited to wear it to school on monday.

A close up of Evie's onesie. It's supposed to be lolly pops. I think it'll look even cuter after it gets washed a few times and the fabric starts curling up more. I just looked online for ideas and found this great tutorial.


Trent and Michelle said...

Love the wreath! You are so crafty! :0)

VicandNanc said...

Oh my! I haven't been able to check this for a couple of weeks & have been missing out on all the fun you guys have been having!!! You have done SO many cute things! I especially love the bulb wreath and would be sorely tempted to copy it, but moving this last time has taught me I don't want very many things while we live in limbo for awhile!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

The makeover of the onesie was great, it didn't even look like the same shirt. Good job. The Bulb wreath is beautiful, you are very creative. I love the happiness you can see on Evie's face as she sits on her new booster chair.