Monday, December 12, 2011

dance recital

The girls had a Christmas dance recital on saturday.Kiersten was so excited to be in the recital, instead of watching Kara from the audience.The last 2 years, they have done "santa claus is coming to town". So I was happy and surprised that they did "rudolf the red nosed reindeer" this year.For their second dance, they did a partner dance to silver bells. Kiersten has been so excited about this. At first she was upset that Kara got to dance with Devin, who is the oldest boy in class, and all the girls wanted to dance with him. but he refused to dance with any partner but Kara. So Kiersten got to dance with Chayce instead. They were a perfect little dancing couple.It turned out not to be such a great thing to be Devin's partner, as he got sick the day of the recital. The teacher told Kara to just pretend that she was dancing with a partner. I was worried that she wouldn't take it very well. But she actually did a really good job with her pretend partner. Some of the younger kids were still watching her to see the steps. I couldn't help but laugh a few times, and I think the video I took ended up a little shaky because of that. I was pretty impressed that she was such a good sport about it.Last night the girls drank some hot chocolate and wrote their letters to santa. Then we made some more snowflakes for the wall. Kiersten wrote her entire letter, with a little help from daddy to tell her which letters she needed to write. She asked for a princess wedding set.Kara didn't need any help writing her letter. A few months ago, she was telling us she wanted a 3DS for Christmas. around thanksgiving, when she was looking through toy catalogs and coming up with a list, she decided she didn't want one anymore. Ben even tried to talk her back into it a little, and she insisted that she'd rather have a toy. That was fine with us, of course, given the price difference. Then when I took her to see santa last week, she told him she wanted the 3DS. We panicked a little, as we knew that wasn't in santa's plan. But we talked about the possibility of changing up a few things so it could happen. But then last night when she wrote her letter, she didn't mention the 3DS. just the toy she has been wanting. So that was a relief.
This is their last wek of school before a 3 week break for Christmas and New Year's. They have a field trip on Wednesday, and then a Christmas party on friday. I have a few fun projects and ideas for them to keep busy during their break. They are getting pretty excited about Christmas, but this morning when I dropped them off at school, Kara exclaimed, "I can't wait til thrusday of next week!" Her teacher asked why, and she said, "because I can't wait for it to be the first day of WINTER!". hopefully she wont be expecting to suddenly have a bunch of snow.


Vicky Van Sickle said...

Well that's a new one; looking forward to the first day of winter. Their recital looked like it was fun. You have such talented girls.

VicandNanc said...

I'm sure their recitals are so much fun to watch! I am glad Kara matched up with Santa is giving her! You're ornament vase on the table is cute. Makes me want to jazz mine up. I was very lazy with Christmas this year since it won't be up very long!