Tuesday, November 29, 2011

our tree

We decided to set up our Christmas tree and get out all the decorations on sunday. We've never done it so early in the past, but I'm glad we got everything out. usually by the time I find the advent calendar, several days of december have already passed, and the girls get a bit disappointed to see those doors with nothing in them.
Evie only got to put one decoration on the tree before she went down for her nap. Later, she took and ornament off the tree and broke it. She cut her hand on it, and has left the tree alone ever since.
Kara was so proud to be able to reach high up on the tree. She kept telling Kiersten to decorate the lower brances, and she'd take care of the higher ones.
Of course Kiersten still tried to reach as high as possible.
Now the livingroom feels nice and festive. If only I can get up the desire to finish decorating the rest of the house. I can't wait til Kara's older and can do more of the decorating for me, since she loves doing it, and I'm not too keen. you may notice there is no tree topper. Ben decided he hates the one we have, and tasked me with buying a new one. I found one at fred meyer, and hopefully he'll install it tonight to finish things off. It's a little insane to me that it's not even December yet, and we already have everything purchased and wrapped for Christmas. I'm sure I'll still end up busy the rest of the month, though.

The girls are eating so many apples lately. I feel like I'm buying 8 -10 apples every few days. Once in a while I find a half eaten one in their rooms, but they usually eat the whole thing.


Josh and Jackie said...

Ok I just love your girls they are all so adorable! WE don't have out own tree this year but it was still fun to set up the one they have here....good job already having their stuff wrapped.

Angelique said...

So fun! lucky that you already have all the shopping done good job!

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I think apples are such a good thing to like eating. I lived with my grandfather for 3 years as a teenager and ate tons of apples from his farm. Isn't it great to have the christmas tree up early? Nancy and Katie did mine for me on Thanksgiving weekend and I love it! Now, if I could just get all the lights to work.