Monday, August 29, 2011

Kara's first flower arrangement

I haven't taken many pictures lately, so just a short update today.
A few days ago, the girls were playing in the backyard, and admiring the pretty flowers. Kara wanted to know if we could cut some flowers for the kitchen table. So I let them each pick out a few flowers, and put them in a vase. We had a lively few minutes when we discovered an earwig had hitched a ride in the house, but he was easy to deal with. Kara was the main "stylist". The white ones were droopy at first, but much perkier the next day. (now they're all dead, because I didn't change the water). I think in the spring she'll really like doing some little arrangements, because we have tons of other trees and bushes that I think will be really pretty.

Kiersten totally thinks she helped more than she actually did. I'm glad to let her think so, she was just as proud as Kara, even though she didn't touch the flowers once we brought them in the house. She was a contributor after the fact, though. The next day I found some dandelions floating around in the water, and today, before I threw them out, I saw a silk flower floating in there as well.

An updated pic of Evie's head wound. It doesn't look nearly as bad as I thought it would when we took off the bandage. I think it still may scar, but it's looking better now, and hasn't bothered her at all. Hard to believe such a small thing caused such a big fuss, but it was really scary at the time, and SUPER bloody. I should take a pic of her now. We went to a birthday party over the weekend, and she was diving headfirst out of the bouncy house, so now she has a few scratches and bruises on her little face.

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VicandNanc said...

Evie always seems so little, but I have to keep reminding myself that Tommy was crazy at 1 also! I laugh because my friend that came to Katie's wedding sent me a little note saying that she knew boys (as she has 2) and Tommy definitely has a wild streak even for a boy... I agree whole heartedly!! :)