Friday, September 2, 2011


On wednesday, a new Disney store opened up in the south center mall next to Ben's office. So, being the disney lover he is, of course he told me about it and suggested I take the girls to the opening. We got there about 9:55, and had to wait in line until 11:15. I thought of leaving, (especially since I'd forgotten the stroller) but the girls freaked out at the mere suggestion. So we waited forever to get in. Once we were in, we were too late to get the free gift (which was just Mickey ears, so the girls weren't that disappointed). But I thought for standing in line that long, I'd better get them something in the store. So I told the girls they could each choose 2 things. I ended up spending less than I planned, as they luckily chose things that weren't too pricey. Kara chose a princess stamp set, and a set of fairy figurines. Evie chose a Daisy duck doll. Kiersten chose a large princess Aurora doll (not surprising, as she's one of her favorites). Her other choice was a prince Eric doll. If you know Kiersten well, you probably know about her obsession with, and determination to marry Prince Eric of The Little Mermaid. She talks about him all the time. So she is beyond thrilled to have this new doll. She hovered over me as I opened the package, and kept warning me not to rip his sleeve, be careful with his arm, don't let his boot fall off. Once he was out of the packaging, she said, in her manly-est voice, "thanks, Kiersten's mother. don't you know I have a wedding to get to?"

After a few minutes of dancing with Kiersten, he, Ariel, and all of the barbies and polly pockets got dressed up for the wedding. Kiersten wanted to wait to have the wedding after Ben got home, but happily for him, she couldn't wait that long for them to kiss, so they were married right away.

With the girls starting school soon, I want to make their last few weeks of summer really fun. So I got these sun catchers for them to paint. They really enjoyed it, and made hardly any mess.

I think they did a fantastic job painting, and I will get them hung in the window as soon as I'm satisfied they are dry enough.

Kara's first soccer practice was yesterday. It was only 6 miles away, but it took forever to get there, because of a Blink 182 concert. Once we were there, the 2 little girls settled on a blanket to watch the practice.

There are 6 kids on her team, but only 4 were at practice because of confusion over which school it would be held at. If you can't tell, Kara is to the right in pink shorts.

I'll have to get a closer picture of her in her soccer gear at her next practice on tuesday. She looks like such an adorable little soccer player. She had so much fun learning her new skills.

The lady in pink to the left is the school custodian who came to kick us off the field. Something about, they didn't water the field enough during spring, so now they have to water it every night during the summer. Looks pretty dead to me, but owell. The coach was really mad about it. They finished up their practice on the basketball court. She learned, throwing in bounds, stopping the ball with the side of her foot, and passing and shooting. He even tried to teach them to do a header, but all of them backed away at the last second. She is excited for her first game, and keeps reminding me that her coach told her to practice at home. one more quick story, sorry no pic to go along with it though. The other night, the girls were all in bed, and Ben and I were downstairs watching a movie. He heard Evie crying, so I went up to get her, and found she had gotten out of bed, and instead of going into the hallway, she ended up in the closet, and somehow shut herself in there. When I opened the door, she was pounding and pushing on the wall, and was so upset. It took her a long time to calm down. She had dropped her binky and cup in there, while she was trying to get out. I felt so bad. she really was terrified. Kara started crying when I told her about it, and said, "that must have been so scary for her, mom!" Isn't that just the saddest? Ben felt sad about it too. so now, we have to make sure the closet is closed and the door is open when we put her to bed.


Anonymous said...

I love this update.

VicandNanc said...

Oh, that Kiersten is a funny one, when you were talking about her getting all the barbies ready for a wedding I thought that she was going to get married to him- not Ariel!

Josh and Jackie said...

Fun, Evie is looking so much bigger and her hair is getting really thick..Miss you guys.