Tuesday, August 2, 2011

playing in the yard

Here are a few pictures of our new backyard. There is a play structure which the girls were so excited to see. But they weren't able to play out there at first, because of all the cut logs stored down there, and also, I wanted to get it cleaned up first, and make sure it was safe. The landlords cut down 2 80ft trees back here before we moved in, so there is tons of wood. They are selling it on craigslist, but Ben finally just decided to move some of it so the girls could play. they were asking every day when they'd be able to play out there.

We also sprayed the whole yard for bugs. This gate was covered in spider webs. But I think Ben got most of them. We haven't encountered any since.

finally swinging. We have since bought new swings, and fixed up the clubhouse a bit, and cleaned and put the slide back up, so I'll have to take another picture to show the difference.

this is just a view from the playground to see the back of the house.Evie loves playing outside. But I have to be following her closely, as she keeps trying to get down to the playground by going down the hill side, instead of the stairs. Also, there is a non working fountain back there, with some standing water. She hasn't been too curious about it yet, but I still wouldn't want her falling down there.

Kiersten on her trike.

Kara loves playing "guardian". which is either a game she made up, or learned at school, I'm not sure. It's basically like soccer, but with 7 or 8 balls, instead of 1.Evie honestly thinks the trike belongs to her. Kiersten can't ride it too long, without having to let Evie on, and then push her around. She's a good sister.

She can scoot it along by herself a little bit when Kiersten gets tired of pushing her.

I'll get a few pictures of the playground with the changes Ben made to fix it up, and also post a few pictures of the house. The girls' rooms aren't quite finished, and we are getting our new dining table tonight, so it should be all finished by the end of the week.


Josh and Jackie said...

So fun, its a huge back yard..That must be so nice to have all that space for the kids...We still don't really have a backyard. Ours is cement and then rocks. So its not really all that different than having the balcony, some day soon hopefully. Can't wait to see pics of the house. Make sure to take a ton I love seeing where other people live. Love you and hope things aren't too crazy.

Shelly said...

Love the yard!! it looks big & fun for the kids. The palay house is great. The girls are all looking so big! I can't believe how big Evie seems.... crazy. We love & miss you!