Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girls' pictures

we had these pictures done back in June. But they were one of the first things packed and one of the last things unpacked. So I thought it was time to share them here. I loved Evie's adorable Easter dress, so I had to have her wear that for the pictures. I usually don't go for the super fancy outfits in their pictures, but she just HAD to wear this dress again!

you wouldn't know from the pictures that she was SUPER cranky in the studio. The photographer was really great with her.The photographer didn't seem to even like this one, but I just loved that innocent little expression on her face. She wont be so baby-ish too much longer:(

Kiersten did a great job in the studio, except she kept trying to look pretty by blinking her eyes super fast.

She was so excited to tell everyone in the studio that she was 3 years old.

She was really funny in the car, trying to lean forward to protect her precious curls. I should curl her hair more often, but it's a lot of time and work for something that doesn't usually last very long. She loves seeing her picture with the curls by her room.

Kara got her picture taken at school back in february. I don't know if I'll have them get theirs taken this year. There are only a few packages to choose from, and the photographer only takes one shot of each child, and that's what you get. I just wish they could have coaxed a more real smile from her. She was smiling like this for a while after some kids at school were laughing about the gap in her front teeth, and calling them "bunny teeth". It took a few times of telling her how beautiful her smile is, and assuring her that the gap wont always be there, but now she has started smiling normal again. Beautiful as she is, seeing this picture makes me a little sad, because I remember her coming home from school upset about her teeth.

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