Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Just a few pics of the kids enjoying the new swings Ben put up for them.
Ben's friend, Jon came over with his little boy to play for the afternoon.look how she's enjoying that swing! :)We all had to play several rounds of "guardian". Kara's been wanting to play it with daddy forever.It took the longest time to get all the balls past Ben. He was a pretty good guardian with those long monkey arms.Evie is fighting her nap lately. Yesterday I just could not get her down for her morning nap. So when i put her in the highchair of lunch, she was asleep after the first bite. Not the preferable way to get her down for a nap, but lately this is one of the few places she's falling asleep.a little stowaway. She thought it was so funny to be all zipped up in this bag.

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