Saturday, August 6, 2011

bedrooms and bathrooms

Kiersten now shares a room with Evie. This is Kiersten's side of the room. The walls are a pale green, it didn't show up too well in the pictures. So We let her pick out a few things to make it feel more girly for her. We got those pink bins under her bed at ikea. They work perfectly for the items that were homeless, when she lost the drawers on Kara's bed, that she had in our old house. We also put the tea party table in here, so it wouldn't be taking up half of the play area. to the left of the window is a small little mermaid painting Ben ordered for her. She loves the little mermaid. Ariel is by far her favorite princess.
This is Evie's side of the room. We turned her crib into a daybed, but then we added the cinderella panel to keep her in there better. That flower on the wall is a nightlight, except it's a little too bright to leave on all night, so she still has a plug in night light. Evie is sleeping in here every night for at least part of the night. Sometimes she stays in here all night, but most nights she wakes up and comes in bed with us. just another view of the room.
Kara was upset when she saw that her room had blue walls. But she soon decided she could girly it up with decor. That star is a nightlight, but not as bright as Kiersten and Evie's. The painting on the wall is a Kinkaide Cinderella painting that Ben ordered for her. It's cooler than I realized. It is very detailed and has some hidden characters, such as Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and Snow White. It's more impressive in person. She loves her own room. I put a toddler lock on the door, so when she wants her privacy, she can close the door, and Kiersten and Evie can't get in. She loves that, though Kiersten is not too happy about it. We gave her the cd tower Kerry made for Ben. She is so cute keeping her cd's on there, and inviting her sisters in to have dance parties.
We also gave her this white bookshelf that was in the playroom. She had it all decorated before I got the chance to fill the shelves. There are still a few things I will probably change. To the right of the bookshelf is a 3D Cinderella sculpture and some decals Ben put up for her.
another angle in Kara's room. She gets to keep the dvd's in here. We gave her this dresser that used to be in our walk-in closet. So now she has more than enough space for all of her things. I had the drawers all set up how I wanted them, and she already took it upon herself to do some rearranging. I thought that was kind of funny. She put all her pajamas in a seperate drawer from her nightgowns, and seperated her pants and shorts, and also seperated long sleeved shirts from short sleeved shirts. She's a funny, particular girl.
This is the girls' bathroom. They don't keep it very clean, which is bad, because this is also the main bathroom on the upper level. So I've really been getting after them to clean up after themselves. Kiersten still gets toothpaste EVERYWHERE, but I really want her to brush her own teeth, so she can learn.
another view of their bathroom. the bathtub is to the left, just out of the picture.
We have a much smaller master bedroom, but we worked it out to fit all our stuff. I did regret having so many clothes at first, but I just had to start putting things in drawers that I used to hang. I love being able to sleep by Ben again, now that Evie doesn't sleep with me all night.
another view. This is the tv that used to be in our livingroom. We still haven't got curtains in here, but there are blinds, so that works for now.
The master bathroom. It only has 1 sink, but we've gotten used to that. The only thing I don't like, is that there is only 1 outlet in the entire bathroom. That door you can kind of see to the right is a huge linen closet. The floor has a laundry shoot, which has been nice to be able to dump the laundry down all at once, instead of making several trips up and down with baskets. I didn't get a picture of the laundry room, but I LOVE having a large laundry room again. There is even a nook in there which I am using as a scrapbook area. Ben hung a shelf and bought a light to hang for me. The bad part about the laundry shoot; the other day, Ben found Kiersten dangling her legs down there, because Kara had told her to go down the hole. It was SO scary. So the girls have been banned from opening that door. I think we succesfully scared her from ever trying that again.
This is the downstairs bathroom. I hate the curtain, so that will be getting replaced eventually, probably with some sort of roman shade. The jetted tub has been nice.

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VicandNanc said...

Thanks for the tour!! That was fun. I love that your bonus room is so functional & that your front room is so big & light. It really seems a lot more inviting than your last house... even with blue & green walls :) You guys have been really BUSY! I think I still want to see more pictures like the front of the house & the whole backyard... maybe on the family site?!