Friday, August 19, 2011

Katie's wedding

Katie's wedding was on saturday. We went to the temple to see them come out, and to get my bridesmaid dress (which was miraculously sewed the night before. I literally got fitted for it at 5pm, and it was done by the next morning!)
After the temple, everyone headed over to the Hilton for the ring ceremony. Vicky and Pam waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Ben and me walking down the aisle together.

Kara and Kiersten were flower girls. Evie didn't walk when she was supposed to, so Ben ended up just grabbing and holding her. It was really hot, so Kara was a little whiny.
She didn't walk down the aisle, but still made an adorable little flower girl.

Tommy wasn't too happy about his role as ring bearer. I love this pic of the 2 groomsmen holding their fussy babies.2 of our favorite people to hang out with.
It was a really sweet ceremony.

Kiersten and Jason after the ring ceremony.

the wedding party. Kara kept putting her hand over her eyes and complaining about the sun, so that ruined some of the shots. I guess that's what happens when you go from 70° weather back home to 90°+ in Idaho.


Back for the reception. We let the girls take a nap after the ring ceremony, and came back around 6 for pictures, and the reception. The girls loved playing out on the lawn, and it was cooler, so they were much happier.

I wanted to take a picture of Kiersten, and she immediately made a silly face.Daddy-daughter dance. Kiersten was so excited to dance with Ben, but noone realized when it was time to join in, so they missed it. He made up for it by dancing with her tons later on.

Mother-son dance. More than one person asked why I wasn't out there, and I had to remind everyone, I have no sons! Vicky looked thrilled to be dancing with Jason.

And Ben danced with Lana, who seemed to enjoy it until he unexpectedly dipped her.

Daddy and Kiersten

Ben dancing with Abby.

Erika was nice enough to take a few shots of Ben and me dancing. I love this one because it looks like Brennon is shaking Katie up and down.

of course he had to dance with the bride too. Katie looked so happy all evening. I've never seen her smile so much.

more dancing.

groomsmen doing the YMCA dance

Kiersten kept asking me if she could dance with Victor, and I told her to go up and ask him. Finally she came to me in a huff, and said, "Victor keeps dancing with Nancy, and not ME". so Ben was kind enough to dance with Nancy, freeing Vic up to dance with Kiersten. you have to look over Ben's shoulder to see them.

they left through a bubble tunnel. It looked really cute.

they also realeased all the butterflies that had been part of the centerpieces. On landed one Ben's arm and stayed there until he picked it off and handed it to Trevor.

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