Saturday, August 6, 2011

taking the tour

We are finally unpacked enough, that I felt comfortable taking pictures of our new house. This is the familyroom, which has 4 functions; tv room, playroom, office, and sewing room. This angle shows the tv area, and to the left, you can see some chairs. That is my sewing area, which I didn't really get a picture of. Our glass table is there in the corner with my sewing machine, and bow making stuff.
This is our office/computer area. We just got that desk and the bookshelf on the left at ikea when we moved in. Ben has been great about putting things together every weekend since we moved in.

The play area is on the other side of the bookshelf, and behind the couch. I was nervous about losing our playroom, and having to have all the toys out, but the girls have been doing a good job of keeping everything straightened up.

we went from having a walk-in pantry, to no pantry, and fewer cupboards. So some things are in the garage, but we also bought this cabinet to keep some pantry items in the kitchen. There is also a broom closet outside of the kitchen, with a shelf that we are using as a pantry as well.

The kitchen is a good size, and is working out really well. Ben and I have disagreed about the placement of a few things, but I get the last word, since I'm the one using the kitchen several times a day. Some of the cupboards and shelves are high up, and hard to access, so we found that stool at sam's club.

This is the livingroom. My favorite part is how nice and bright it is. Our old house doesn't have a window in the front room, so it was always dark. Ben's least favorite part is the windows. I open them as soon as he leaves for work, and he closes them as soon as he gets home. our old computer desk is in the left corner, and to the right is the new tv Ben decided we needed for this room. I don't love the baby swing there, but we probably wont be using it much longer.

We sold our dining set when we moved, so this is the new one we got. It came in 5 boxes, and said it would take 2 adults 2.5 hours to assemble. Ben did it all himself in that amount of time. My contribution was keeping the kids downstairs and out of the way. and I also organized some of the screws for him:)

This is the mess that was left behind after he was done! I was reminded why wal-mart always had one person whose job was to follow Ben around cleaning up. He is quick, but messy. It took me over an hour to break down all this cardboard, and haul it all down to the recycle bin. I was covered from head to toe in little cardboard crumbs. But it was worth it for a brand new dining set!

Here it is in the diningroom. I've wanted to get a counter height set for a while now, but we kept putting it off. We had said around the end of the year we would get one, so I was thrilled when Ben decided to get this table the other day!

this is the view of the diningroom from the kitchen.

Here we are enjoying the new table. We don't need the 8 chairs on a daily basis, but it will be nice when we have guests over. The leaf folds down into the table, so we can just have a square table if we'd like as well. and it's nice not to have to worry about storing the leaf anywhere.

There is a little deck outside the diningroom. There are no stairs, though, so you can't get down into the backyard. The landlord came over and put that piece of wood around the bottom, so we don't have to worry about the kids falling off. We carried the grill upstairs, and then it wouldn't fit through the door. So Ben had to remove the door and put it back afterward.

He bought some wood and built a frame to put this tent on top of the clubhouse. we still might paint it, but that's something that can wait til later. He also swept and cleaned it out really nicely for the girls.

I cleaned the slide with bleach, but you can see it didn't come fully clean. but it looks much better. Ben attatched that, and we bought these new swings with plastic over the chains, so the girls don't get their hands pinched. you can kind of see the baby swing we got for Evie. Kara wanted a tire swing, but the plastic tire was $60! so we may try to find a cheaper tire later, or let her ask for it for christmas. We didn't realize swings cost so much. They've been having so much fun out here. I can't wait til all the wood is gone, because I don't want them climbing on it.

I will do another post with pictures of the bedrooms/bathrooms, as this one is getting long.

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