Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or treating

The girls got glow in the dark halloween jammies. They really love wearing them. Here we are getting ready for a halloween party. If you can't tell, Kara is a bee, Kiersten is a butterfly, and Evie is a lady bug. And I wore Ben's old karate gi. I am sad to say that I am now the same size that Ben was when we met.

at the halloween party. Kara wasn't afraid of jack skellington, but kiersten was.
all the kids played and watched the great pumpkin Charlie Brown movie. There were some great costumes. My favorite was one of the kids dressed as Link from the game Zelda, and his mom had made the costume. Maybe next year I will try to make costumes...
little trick or treaters. They had fun, and got tons of candy, for not going out that long. Ben took them to a house with a fog machine and scary decorations. as they got to the door, a skeleton thing popped down and scared the crap out of Kara. Ben said she just took off running across the yard at full speed, and Kiersten just stood there trembling. The lady at the house felt really bad, and gave them lots of candy.
Evie and I stayed home to answer the door and make dinner. I thought I was getting the easy job, but we had so many kids show up. I was answering the door, and then running back to the stove, and then running back to answer the door, and then having to pick up the baby. The best was when I was nursing Evie, and holding her in my left arm. I was trying to drain a pot of pasta with my right arm, and the doorbell rang. I had to try to get the rest of the pasta into the collander, and hurry to the door while covering myself up, and giving Evie her binky so she'd stop screaming about the interrupted feeding. I almost turned off the light after that, but luckily, Ben and the girls came home pretty soon after that. I guess I was a little overly ambitious.
Our cute little bug. She started out with a black nose, but due to her cold, it got mostly wiped off with her runny snot.
I thought she looked pretty cute.
view from the side.


Vicky Van Sickle said...

The girls costumes are so cute! I had to laugh about you trying to nurse, cook, and answer the door all at the same time. You are an amazing mom.

VicandNanc said...

Hahaha! I LOVE it! I've been so excited to see these pictures! They are so cute. :) :) :)

Angelique said...

SO cute!! my girls were bugs for halloween too!! thats so funny. Good job on the multitasking, I totally just wouldn't have opened the door