Saturday, November 13, 2010

Children's museum in Portland

Yesterday we decided to drive down to the portland children's museum. Kara says that the water room was her favorite part. We did spend a lot of time in there.
Kiersten kept wanting me to check his breath to see if it smelled stinky or clean. I was saying it smelled good, but then she would spot a cootie bug, and get back to brushing.
Everyone had to take advantage of this photo op.

making stuff out of clay. The girls liked doing it, but once Ben and I started getting dirty from the clay, we were outta there.
Vicky was so nice to hold Evie most of the time so I could play with the girls. and I know how heavy that kid can feel after holding her for a while.
Kara told Ben she wanted her face painted like a puma. this was his creation. Though, after further questioning from Jason and me, I'm not convinced he even knows what a puma is. ;)
Kiersten didn't like her face paint, and wanted it off as soon as she looked in the mirror. I think she was expecting to look like she did on halloween when I put a little eyeshadow and lipstick on her.
I let Kiersten paint my face because I felt bad about how much she hated hers. I thought that stuff would wipe right off, but you really had to scrub to get it off.Evie was pretty good until the last part. Then she screamed in the car when we were leaving.
the girls liked digging in this rubber stuff.

after a few hours here, we met up with Ben's brother, Jason and his new wife, Lisa. Vicky had met her already, but it was Ben and my first time meeting her. She is really great. And the girls just loved her, especially Kiersten. We stopped by their house for a bit. I apparently missed out on fun times with their cat, as I stayed in the car to nurse Evie. Ben had to fight to get Kiersten to wear pants that morning. We didn't want her running around and climbing on things in a dress, so he made her wear pants, but agreed she could bring a dress to change into after. So Kara decided to bring a dress to change into also. The changed and got their faces cleaned, and then we went to Garlan and Jill's house. Sara and her family came over too, and we all went to dinner at a mongolian bbq place. It was pretty good. Kara loved sitting by her cousin Karen and playing with her. Kiersten was a little jealous of Kara having a friend. After dinner we went back to Garlan and Jill's for a while. Jason and Lisa had to get home, but Sara came back over and played games. It was a fun time, and we probably stayed later than we should have, but it's worth it when you are having that much fun. And I dominated at Boggle, of course. hehehe.


Shelly said...

nobody ever has a chance against the two of you at any game! We love & miss you!

Josh and Jackie said...

Fun I love museums like that..So worth it..looks like you all had a good time. the girls are all so cute and you look great I love your hair like that, and your shirt is so cute.

Angelique said...

i do not miss playing boggle with you. But I do miss playing Taboo!! Grandpa is on the mantel.

Ben and Becky said...

no one EVER gets it when I say grandpa is on the mantle. and then I just get sad and think, "angie would be cracking up right now" :)

VicandNanc said...

That looks like a fun day, even worth the drive time there :)

BMills said...