Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chiefs game

Since we moved to Washington, Ben has been waiting for the Kansas City Chiefs to play the seahawks so he could see his favorite team play live. They finally came, and Ben just HAD to get tickets. I think he bought them as soon as they were available. We were in the front row, on the 40 yard line, right behind the chiefs bench. It was more fun than I thought it would be. I imagined it to be a cross between the many BYU games I've been to, and a mariners game. (both of which are plenty of fun). But this game was way better. It was a long walk into the stadium, being heckled and booed by all the seahawks fans. Ben only felt the need to say something back once, when someone yelled, "Joe Montana sucks!" He just couldn't let that one slide without defending Joe. But walking back to the car after our big win, we did not get heckled or booed even once.

Ben enjoying his birthday/christmas present! This was at the beginning before all the excitement really started up. We were sitting by a lot of other KC fans, which made it more fun. There were a few seattle fans near us, but they stayed pretty quiet.
this picture shows how close we really were to the players. They could hear us yelling things, and got more into it toward the end when the game was in the bag.
Bowe is one of Ben's favorite players. He had a really good game.


Lots of Seahawks fans in the first quarter...
not so many left by the 4th. This ended up being the final score.

I was wearing Ken Dorsey's jersey. (well, a pink version of it). I made sure he saw, and he smiled and thumped his chest at me.
another W for the KC chiefs!

a fun day without the kids. Ben said he didn't think about them once while we were there. I did, of course, but I knew they were okay at home with Papa, and Jason and Lisa. This is the longest they've ever been left with babysitters. but it was worth it.
Kiersten loved having Papa around. She is very sad today that he is gone. When I was taking Kara to school, she told Kara's teacher that Papa went home on the airplane, and Daddy was gone to work. Then she started crying.
The girls sure loved having Lisa and Jason around as well. They played games, and Kara showed off her scrapbook.

now it's time to get back to regular life. (at least for a few weeks until Christmas!)


VicandNanc said...

I'm so glad it was so fun! It seems like Ben has been dreaming of that day forever! I'm glad he was able to forget the kids & get lost in the moment. I sure wish I could do that more! It sure is funny to see how the stands empty when the home team isn't winning!

Also, you have been quite the little MARTHA! Your stool makeover is adorable, I swear whenever I want to find cute fabric, I never can. Loved the wreath & the cornicopia name tags. I may have to copy that one next year for Vic's family!

That would be fun to ride a camel too! Kara looks like the perfect little model in her adorable little coat!

Josh and Jackie said...

so fun...i can't even imagine how much Ben must have loved it. It looks like you both had a ton of fun...We are super super jealous. Josh has never been to a NFL game ever.... We miss you guys this time of year.