Thursday, November 18, 2010


While Vicky was here visiting she bought me this for my birthday. It is a cupcake maker. It makes the perfect size little cupcakes (slightly bigger than the standard mini size) and it only takes 5 minutes to bake. so we decided to try out the new hello cupcake book that Nancy sent me as a birthday gift. The girls looked through it and picked out which one they wanted to do.
they picked these ants. It was a pretty good choice because it turned out that they could do a lot of the steps by themselves
there weren't that many brown m&m's in the package, so we had to make some red ants too.
finished cupcakes. the ones in the book were a lot cleaner looking, but I really wanted to let the girls help make them, so ours were a little sloppy, but still just as tasty!
Evie started rice cereal on monday. she wasn't sure about it at first.
she is starting to like the new food now. here she is eating dinner last night.
yesterday was my birthday. Ben and the girls made me this cake. Ben must have been saying something as he took the picture, so I looked up. He also made me a delicious birthday dinner. it was a double bonus because I didn't have to cook, and I love his food. Also, he was home from work early, and I'm always a fan of that! Ben and kara woke me an hour earlier than usual to sing happy birthday and give me my gift. So I didn't mind being awake early. Kara and I made muffins in the new cupcake maker. Then we had some time to hang out before taking Kara to school. Kiersten threw me a birthday tea party with all her play food, and that was lots of fun. (even if it prevented me from folding the laundry). So it was a fun day, even if we didn't get to go to chuck e. cheese, which was devastating to Kara. She kept saying that she had planned me a birthday party there. Before school she was very upset about it, but she didn't bring it up again after I picked her up in the afternoon. She reminded me again that I am now 29. then she said, "next time you will be 30." i agreed that was correct, and then she asked how old is grandma Vansickle. I offered a round about guess, and she said, "wow! that's a lot of numbers!" i thought that was pretty funny. When I picked her up, her teacher asked for clarification about what Ben does. They were learning about jobs, and all the kids know what their daddys do, but she said Kara didn't. All she kept saying, was "he spends everyone's money". she thought Kara was trying to say he went to work to earn money, but didn't know what he did there. I explained he's a financial planner, and then it made more sense to her. but I did have a hard time thinking of a defferent way to explain his job to her. he always tells her he helps people with their money, so I guess she thought that meant spending it. I reminded her that daddy is good at earning the money, and she and I are usually the ones who spend it.


VicandNanc said...

Those are some pretty cute cupcakes, at first I couldn't figure out why they had fruit snacks on them, but then realized they are carrying their food off. I have never actually seen one of those cupcake books, just heard people rave about them so I guess I need to look at them when we come to visit!

Angelique said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a good one! I love you tons!!