Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving and zoolights

We decided to have our thanksgiving dinner on saturday this year, so we could have it when Ben's dad was here. So thursday, we just relaxed. Ben had wednesday and thursday off, so he was able to help with the girls and other things around the house. thursday night, Kiersten went to bed early, so Kara got to help make a biscuit wreath. I saw something similar on food network, so I just did a simplified, more kid friendly version. Ben helped us get started. Here she is cutting out the leaves with cookie cutters.
the finished wreath.
the girls were able to easily rip up the vinyl I used to cover the stools. so I bought some fabric for outdoor funriture. It is not rippable, but still washable, so hopefully this will last longer.
Ben worked friday, and took Kara with him, so Kiersten got to spend the day helping me get things ready. Ben needed to leave by 9, so I had to get all the christmas shopping done by 8. I got most of what we needed. So I will have lots of wrapping to keep me busy. Here is kiersten after eating a treat she got for being so helpful with cleaning.
She loved helping me bake. Here she is smashing crackers for a cheesecake crust.
and here she is helping me with pumpkin pie.
smelling the baked pie. When she woke up this morning she asked if she could have some for breakfast.
Ben picked up Kerry from the airport on his way home from work. The girls have been having so much fun with their Papa. Here they are doing a puzzle together.
getting ready for dinner. We like to eat ham for thanksgiving, so someone has to dress like a turkey.
the crew ready to eat. Karalee set the table. I helped her roll the napkins.
Kara and I made these place cards from ice cream cones. I wanted to fill them with candy corn, but couldn't find any, so I used runts instead. It's hard to think of ideas that will be cute, but that the kids can help with. This one was pretty successful.
full of rice cereal, and ready for a nap.
Even papa wore the turkey hat!
After dinner, we went to see the zoolights at PDZA. I love Kara's pose in this picture.

Ben spoiled the girls with these glow batons.
Kerry rode this camel with the girls. It was pretty exciting for everyone!
This tree is always purple and green. I like seeing it every year.


Josh and Jackie said...

So so fun!...I'm glad you all had a happy thanksgiving!...I'm sad we won't be seeing you until the new year...We will miss you...By the way kaymie has Evie what are some things she needs?

Angelique said...

So So fun!