Tuesday, January 26, 2010

outside again

Kara wanted to go on a walk this morning. With Christmas and being out of town, and then how rainy it's been since we've been back, they really haven't gotten much outisde time. So after the walk, I decided to let them get their bikes out for a while. Here they are getting their helmets on. I didn't feel like going up to get the good camera, so these pics are taken with my old purse camera. I don't know if that's the issue with this picture, or the bad lighting in the garage. Kara kept getting off her bike to help Kiersten with the steering of her trike. Kiersten just wanted to be pushed around. Maybe this summer she'll get better at pedalling and steering.

After we put the bikes away, the girls wanted to play in the backyard. I let them get out all of their balls and I brought out their bats and a new frisbee they got in Utah. Kiersten didn't hit the ball once, but she had fun trying. you can probably tell I went upstairs for the good camera.
She would announce every time she was about to go down the slide. If Kara and I didn't stop what we were doing to watch, she would get upset. Then we had to clap and tell her how good she did after she slid down.
This is a good picture of their cute raincoats. It was about 45°, but Kiersten still kept saying she was hot and wanted to take off her jacket.
Kara is a natural at throwing a frisbee. Her first throw was great. She got good height and distance. Even my throws wobbled more than hers.
Kiersten isn't quite as good with the frisbee. She basically just throws it straight down. She even climbed to the top of the stairs and slide, trying to get more height, but then she still just slammed it straight down.
They were more than ready for lunch when they finally came inside. Hopefully, when they're done eating they will go down for naps after playing outside for over 2 hours.


Peterson Family said...

cute pictures! Isn't it great to be back outside! I can hardly wait.

Josh and Jackie said...

You are such a great mom Becky!!! your kids look so happy...love and miss you.