Friday, January 15, 2010

stinky pink eye

Poor Kara has pink eye. She just woke up this morning with one eye looking really red and swollen. She really wanted to go to school because she was the class helper today. She has been so excited. So I cleaned out all the crusties in her eye, but within minutes it was full of goop and pus again. So I called the nurse line at her pediatrician's office, who said it sounded like pink eye and to bring her in. So I did, and she was very upset about not going to school. She kept hoping that the Dr. would say she was okay to go, but instead she said it is definitely pink eye. We got prescription eye drops for it, and she will only be contagious for 24 hours. Those eye drops sure were a pain to get in her eye though. I'm hoping it'll go better tonight and this weekend with Ben there to hold her down for me.
she was so sad until I told her she will get to go back to school again next week. Then she started to cheer up.


Josh and Jackie said...

Those pictures really do tell the story!!! That is so sad that she got pink eye!!! And yes still no baby my contractions stopped for now and the doctor said he wont get them started again till I'm at least 39 weeks! :( which is disappointing but I guess she is just a little tease already and isn't ready to come out yet. I'll let you know next time after they say i can stay at the hospital then you and everyone else wont just be wondering. lovies Jac

VicandNanc said...

Wow, I haven't checked your blog for awhile! I love Kara's tiny snowman, I wish I would've went out there to play too! I think I was just thinking that I didn't have any shoes with backs on them & I'd freeze. Oh man, I feel bad for you & throw up. Neither Vic nor I ever throw up so I'm so glad I don't have to deal with the yucky stuff (yet anyway!). So far Tommy never spits up milk either :)

Peterson Family said...

poor little Kara!! She looks SO sad! I'm glad she's better now!