Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Bear!

Karalee is 4 years old today! I woke up a few hours before everyone else this morning, so I decided to blow up some balloons and decorate the front room a bit. Her birthday party was yesterday, but I wanted today to be fun and special too, since it is her actual birthday. I always like setting up all of their gifts on the table so they can see them all. Kiersten unwrapped her gift from Grandma and Grandpa Boot, and from Auntie Chris last night after the party, so she just ended up getting those two a little early. Here is the birthday girl coming downstairs. I had made a big breakfast, and was trying to ask her what she wanted to eat, but she ignored me and followed the decorations straight to the gift table. I went around the corner to see where she went, and she was just staring in awe at all of the presents.
opening the first gift!
She was so sweet to let Kiersten help her unwrap the presents. Poor Kiersten had a hard time yesterday and today. She really wanted some of the presents to be for her.
a new book from Papa and Grams!
Here she is posing with all of her super cool birthday gifts. she is a spoiled girl! we still haven't even opened up some of them yet.
She got a trunk of dress up clothes. Here she is dressed up as Cinderella.
And Kiersten as Snow White.
She was so happy to get dressed in her new threads and play with this cool My Little Pony remote control car. She seems so grown up lately.

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Josh and Jackie said...

Wow she got a ton of presents! I love her cute dress up clothes..I can't wait for Kaymie to get to the age where she can play dress up.