Tuesday, February 2, 2010


First, I just wanted to share this picture of kiersten in the bathtub. She likes to stay in until the last bit of water has drained so she can play as long as possible. Bath time is the happiest time around our house.The girls' new bunkbeds were delivered today! Kara has been asking all morning when they would be here. I told her to watch out the window for a large truck. They were about 20 minutes late for the time frame they gave me, but I knew the second they pulled up. Kara started yelling, "the bunkety bunkbeds are here!"
Kiersten checking out her new bed. She was going down for a nap when they arrived, so she was a little groggy at first, but soon got excited, and the nap didn't happen.
Kara posing on her bed. The delivery guys put Kara's mattress on bottom and Kiersten's on top, but niether girl seemed to mind. I plan on getting them some new bedding soon anyway to coordinate better.
they both love climbing the ladder. I let them play for a bit, then told them that from now on I don't want them playing up there during the day.
Kara keeps reminding Kiersten that the top bunk is hers. She was also really excited about the drawers. In the store, we had talked about putting their pajamas and socks in them. Kara immediately started moving her things over to the new drawers as soon as she noticed them. Then she helped Kiersten get her jammies out of her old dresser.

Kiersten looking down from the top bunk.

I also want to say that both girls picked out their own outfits today. I usually let them on days we aren't going anywhere. Just in case anyone was wondering about their less than attractive clothes.


Ariane said...

I love the bunk bed set. Very cute! Cute girls too. :)

Vicky Van Sickle said...

I'm sure the girls just love the new bunk beds. How fun for them. I remember getting bunk beds when I was young and lived in California. They were white too. And I was 9 years old when I slept in the top bunk. And your bunk beds look very solid.

Josh and Jackie said...

Oh I love them too you have such good taste! They look so excited to get them...Now they didn't share a room before did they? Are you going to have the baby in its own room?

VicandNanc said...

I love that the bunk bed is really cute with drawers. That will be fun, especially to get Kiersten fully out of your room! Tommy loves his bathtime too so I hate to rush it, which is usually what happens.