Friday, January 8, 2010

Utah visit

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Utah.
Hanging out at the Howard's is one of our favorite things to do whenever we are in town. Grandma Howard and Vicky laughing with Kiersten.
While we were in Provo, my sisters and I spent a day shopping together. It was lots of fun and something I really haven't done in a while. It was a little challenging keeping up with 11 kids though. Maybe next time we will leave the kids home with their dads. We let them play in this play area for quite a while to burn some energy. The older cousins were so good about keeping an eye on the little ones. Here is Jayden helping Kiersten down the stairs.
my dad kicked Nic out of his room for the week so we could stay in there. We brought some late Christmas gifts with us for everyone.
Victor and Nancy were able to come down for a few days while we were there. Here is their cute little Tommy being fawned over by all of us girls. Me, Kiersten, Kara, Nancy, and Chloe. Kara wanted to hold him, but got bored, and just walked away, dumping him into Nancy's lap. Kiersten was really fascinated by him. At first she kept calling him a cute puppy. But by the end of the trip she started calling him baby. She had a hard time keeping her hands out of his face, and I really had to watch her when he was down in his moses basket, because she would throw toys in there, or try to get at him.
I loved holding this little cutie!
Kara and Kiersten both loved hanging out with Chloe. They had lots of fun together. I took Kara to Jackie's baby shower with me, and she was disappointed that Chloe wasn't there.
Danny got a new juicer, and it was juicing madness for an afternoon. You would have to be there to really appreciate the true juiciness of the day, but here's a picture of the action. That same evening, Grandpa wanted dinner, but Vicky and Pam were gone, so Danny, Ben, Katie and I worked together to improvise a taco mixture that actually turned out pretty good. Grandma was wishing we had all been recorded trying to figure out what we were doing.

It was a good trip and we had fun seeing everyone. I don't know when we'll be up for another trip, but I know we wont want to stay away for too long.

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Lindsay said...

Still wish our visits overlapped a little! One of these days we'll get to hang out again. ;)