Wednesday, January 13, 2010

new niece???

I got a text from my sister Jackie last night saying that she was in labor and on her way to the hospital. So exciting. I just called my mom, but she hasn't heard any news yet. Hopefully I will hear sometime today that little Kaymee has been born!
Kiersten update: monday, in the car Kiersten said "mommy! I go potty" I was a little surprised, but just said, "okay, I'll hurry to get home". I totally expected that she would just wet her diaper. We were home about 10 minutes later and I went in to use the bathroom. She followed me in and said it again, while trying to pull her pants off. I helped her get them off, as well as her diaper, and put her on the potty chair. Imagine my surprise when she actually did pee in the potty! She was so happy and proud of herself. I gave her a sticker, which she showed Kara as soon as she was home from school. We haven't gotten her to do it again, but I think it's a good sign that she is getting ready to be potty trained.
We have all been sick for the last week and a half. Kiersten has started coughing just this week. Last night, she crawled into bed with us. Ben was holding her, and she started puking everywhere. Ben started screaming that he was covered in puke, so it was left to me to run and get paper towels. I started cleaning some of the puke off him, and Kiersten just kept vomiting the whole time. As soon as most of it was off Ben's chest, he ran into the shower. Kiersten was sitting in a big puddle of vomit and crying while I tried to get her cleaned off. I rushed her into the shower with Ben and started soaking up as much of the pool as I could. The smell got the better of me, and I ran to the bathroom to throw up. I didn't make it to the toilet bowl in time and it got all over the floor, and walls. As I was trying to clean it up, and still puking, Ben realized I was throwing up, so he started puking in the shower. Just not a very fun night at all. Sweet Kara slept through the whole ordeal, lucky girl!


Ariane said...

OH no! I absolutely hate vomit. I hope everyone is better now. (and way to go on the potty Kiersten!)

Ben and Becky said...

just found out that Jackie has been in labor for more than 24 hours and is still only dilated to a 3! and her Doctor said it might take a few days.