Monday, January 11, 2010

there's no update like a snow update!

I'm finally on my final update from our Utah visit! The girls absolutely loved playing in the snow. Kara was very upset that we didn't have snow at home. She even asked Ben, "how can we have Christmas without snow?" So, she was excited to see all the snow when we got to Salt Lake. When we arrivced at Ben's Grandparents house she said, "wow! look at all the snow!" and both girls kept asking to go out and play in it every day we were there. throwing snowballs.
They played in the snow with their cousins at my parents house in Provo, but I didn't get out there to take any pictures. So when we were back in Salt Lake, I thought I'd better at least take a few. This is the little snow man Ben helped them make. Kara really wanted to make one, so I made Ben come out and help her. It wasn't very good packing snow, so he decided to go small. The girls didn't mind.
Kara posing with her buddy. It was her responsibility to find all the trimmings to decorate the snowman, and she was very proud of her work.

Kiersten was so bundled up, and the snow was just deep enough, that when she would fall over onto her back, she wasn't able to get back up by herself. It was pretty funny to me.
Here they are making snow angels. Well, Kara made snow angels and Kiersten just laid motionless in the snow next to her.

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Josh and Jackie said...

I know they loved the snow so much huh!!! We miss you guys already, and thanks again for helping with the shower and for the gifts...I can't wait for her to get here now! We're almost ready just have to get both kids' rooms ready..But the doc said I'm almost a 2 and the baby dropped and he said he'd see if I make it to next monday...So I hope I go into labor on sunday!!! lol any who miss you guys.