Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at Troy and Shelly's house in Eagle Mountain. It was really fun to hang out with everyone. I really like this picture of Ben and Kiersten. The guys watching sports together. Josh, Dad, Kiersten, Ben, and maybe you can see Zac sitting on the floor.
Andrew, Jayden and Lathan playing their video games. They were really upset when Shelly took them away and said they had to do somthing else the rest of the night.
Addyson, Karalee, and Afton playing together. I have only a few pics of Kara because I barely saw her all night. She loved playing with Addy and Laynee, and threw a tantrum when it was time to leave because she wanted to have a sleep over.
Cash, Linkin, and Kiersten all wanted to play with bouncy balls, but even though there were more than enough for all of them, they still kept fighting over them.
I was surprised to walk into the kitchen to see Afton eating this huge jelly filled, frosted donut, and he even put cherry chocolates on top. He is just the cutest, sweetest kid.
more guy bonding time. Josh, Clint, and Ben STILL watching football instead of playing games with the rest of us. I guess some of the games would have been chaos with any more people playing, so it's okay.
waiting for the ball to drop. you can tell some people were getting really tired. Mom, Dad, and Chris on the couch, and Angie holding Kyrie in the chair.
2 of my favorite nieces, Makayla and Laynee.
I just adore my cute little niece, Rylynn. She is just the daintiest little thing. Kiersten did start to get a little jealous of her though, because I was holding her so much.
Happy 2010! It's fun to think what will happen this coming year. I hope it will be a fun filled and exciting year for all of us.

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