Monday, April 25, 2016

Other April Stuff

On Saturday I took Kiersten and Evie to the park to play while Ben took Kara with him to get his oil changed. It was lovely out. 

Kiersten thought this trick was pretty neat. 

These are just some gorgeous tulips we drove past a while ago. 
On Thursday there was a double rainbow. The one to the left is pretty faint, but it's there! We could see it much better in person. 
Here is a picture of the birth mark on my ankle. I've never been too fond of it, so it was time for me to cover it up. 
Bam! My new tattoo. Can you still see the birthmark? It has been 13 years since my last tattoo, and I remembered it hurting so much more than this actually did. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. I just told the artist what I was thinking, and he designed it for me, and then finished it fast. I love it!
Today I got to tag along on Kiersten's robotics field trip for CCL. They went to Spectrum Brands' factory to witness some robots in action. It was actually very interesting, and the kids had great questions. They also got swag bags and Wal-mart gift cards, so they were excited about that. We also got to all keep our safety glasses. The man in blue to the left crossing his arms was the tour guide for our group of 6 kids. His name is Brandon. He was very nice, and the kids liked him. His job is to unload chemicals from the tankers into their barrels. He had the kids laughing hysterically talking about his Darth Vader gas mask he wears to work. 
They also provided tons of snacks for the kids. They were really great to us. This is the first time they have ever allowed children inside the facility. The kids were great, and CCL was invited back again next year.

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