Sunday, April 24, 2016

Go! STL 2016: 3 in the race!

Ben had a work event at the Cards home opener again this year, so I got to tag along for that. It's always a fun time!
It was a little chilly, but at least it wasn't raining, like the forecast had predicted it would be. 

They won 9-0, so that always makes the atmosphere even more fun. We did leave a little early, since it was a Monday and we needed to get our kids. Ben even got to break up a fist fight in the restroom, so that was lively!

And because I always load the pictures out of order, here are some I took of the girls in the Go! St. Louis Read, Right, Run Marathon. It was Evie's first year running,so she was nervous and excited.

They were excited to get their picture with the Chick Fil A cow. Except for Evie, who refused to go near him, or be in the photo.
A nice big group was there from Woerther!
Headed to the starting line. Kiersten stayed right with Evie and encouraged her that she would do great.
Kara surrounded herself with boys, as usual.
Ben ended up running along side the race track near Evie the entire way to keep her motivated. She ended up being able to run the whole 1.2 miles.
Starting line! I started my stopwatch when I saw Kiersen start, so their times weren't all exact. But we got a pretty good idea of everyone's approximate times.
Here is Kiersten nearing the finish line. She has a friend who is always one of the fastest girls in their grade. So she paced with her the whole way until she could see the finish line. Then she sprinted as hard as she could to get to the end.

Kara was only about 5-8 seconds behind Kiersten. I was lucky I turned in time to catch her coming up on the finish line. They both ran it under 9 minutes.
Evie really wanted to run it under 10 minutes, but was a little over. So she was sad at first until we convinced her that she had done an amazing job!
They were proud to wear their medals around the rest of the day.
Kara really thought this was her year to beat Kiersten. But she will just have to push a little harder next time.
My happy, healthy girls!

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