Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter 2016

We had a beautiful Easter Sunday this year. The forecast had been calling for rain, so we were happy to see that push back further into the day.
Where is Kiersten's other leg? My guess is kicked up playfully behind her.
Ben sure takes good care of his lovely ladies. 

They are always very anxious to get the hunt under way.
I was glad that I could talk Kiersten out of wearing heels. I feel like it's much safer for her to run around on the wet grass in flats.

A few eggs had slugs on them, which is not a creature we've experienced in our yard before, so we'll have to look into that potential issue.

Evie kind of came undone in all of the chaos and running.

It was difficult to get Evie to not pose this way with her bubble wand.
But we were able to talk her into one nice picture.
I love my guy. I'm the luckiest.
The kids were excited to dig into their baskets, but distraught that we wouldn't let them eat any candy, as we were about to head to brunch. Kara did mindlessly pop a jelly bean into her mouth. She immediately spit it into her hand and looked up, guilty. We just laughed and told her to finish eating the jelly bean. haha.
Kiersten sweetie is always happy with anything, but was particularly pleased to find Little Mermaid Tsum Tsums.

Kiersten also got a nerf dart gun, which Ben was eager to aim right at Kara.
Super bunnies! Funny how all their masks went perfectly with their dresses, right?
Daddy took us all out for a nice brunch. It was 3 courses, so I was glad the girls hadn't filled up on candy beforehand. We walked out of there with plenty of leftovers as it was. They behaved well, right up until dessert. Ben noticed Kiersten shivering and put his suit coat over her. Evie's jealousy was immediate, and for the remainder of the meal, she whined about how cold she was. We just laughed about it, and finished up.  All in all, we had a lovely Easter.

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