Monday, April 25, 2016

What Kara's been up to

Kara's special chorus group got to sing the National Anthem at the Cardinals game last weekend. She was excited about it for weeks. The game fell on bobble-head day, so we got Adam Wainwright bobble-heads. She was also very happy about that part. 
They got to stand right behind home plate to sing. 

Here is Kara on the jumbo screen. She's in the center with straight hair. 
We also got to take some pictures as they walked on and off the field. 
It was a nice day for a baseball game. 
They all did a great job, and had a fun time!

She also had her famous Missourian project at school. She was assigned to learn about Mark Twain. This is a project they've been working on for a few months. They had to write research papers, turn those into note cards, and then dress up as their person, and give the speeches to the parents.
They had drawn black dots on their hands that we had to press if we wanted to hear their speech. That is totally a gogo dancer wig, but all I could find at the last minute. She made the mustache herself. 
Kara's class. They all did a great job. I only wish it had lasted longer so I could have listened to more speeches. It went by really fast. 
Hanging out with Sheryl Crow and Kate Spade. 

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