Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Kara's horse field trip

Kara got to go to a horse stable for a girl scout field trip. She was tired that morning, and considered staying home, but was very glad to be there once she saw all the animals.

The girls all thought it was pretty neat that there was a zebra there.
They got a tour, and lesson on caring for horses. They also got to see and learn about all of the animals.
Then we headed into the barn to get up close with some of the horses. There were only 2 horses for them to ride, but they all waited patiently for their turns. They were separated into 2 groups based on height, and the taller group got to ride Bella, and the shorter group got to ride mouse. I have no idea if there was a reason for separating them by height, but that's what we went with.
Kara was excited when it was her turn on Mouse the horse.
She hopped right up, and wanted to start trotting right away, but the trainer made sure she did a few laps walking, and went over the basics with her.

She really enjoyed this, and is dying to ride again.
She said this was a happy place. I thought that was a sweet thing to say.

Of course she found some cats there too. I told her to leave them in peace, but she wanted just one picture.
Last week she got her braces off. She was so impatient for about a week ahead of time. Here she is before, still a brace face.
Trying hard to contain the excitement.
They were pretty quick to come off, and we were on our way. She has only had them on since August, so that is pretty nice. I've been telling her they'd be off in no time every time she has complained about missing out on chips, pop corn, or sticky candy. And here we are, they're off!
Kara's lovely smile. No more gap. She is going back tomorrow for her retainer, and the process will hopefully be complete!

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