Sunday, April 24, 2016

What Kiersten's been up to

Kiersten's girl scout troop earned a spa party by selling lots of cookies this year. So they got to get all glammed up at Sweet N Sassy. They got updos, manicures, and makeup. Then they got to dress up and have a fashion show. 
They also had to have a dance party at the end. 
Isn't she lovely in her red dress? She told me it was the most fashionable piece there. 
Kiersten's softball season has also started. She had 3 games in her first week, so that was crazy, laundry-wise. 
They won their first game, and she was ecstatic. 
She has improved a lot since last year. All of the girls have. They are in a different league this year, but it's mostly the same rules.
Kara just finished up a basketball clinic. She really enjoyed that, and made lots of new friends. I was at the middle school for a Girl Scout leaders meeting, so I had them pose in their uniforms for me. Evie was there too, but was dead set on following around one of the teenagers that was there to watch the little kids, so I couldn't get her for the picture. 
This is the fun gift we made for Librarian appreciation day. It was the same day as the spring party at school, so I grabbed a couple kindergarteners from Evie's class to deliver these to the librarians. They also got gift cards to an ice cream shop. 
Our cherry tree finally bloomed, so I grabbed a picture of the girls between sports practices one day. It was later in the afternoon, so the shadows weren't ideal.

Kara asked for this picture, lol. I don't know what she plans to do with it, but she keeps asking if I've had it printed up yet. 
So I made her pose for a nice one too. 
It was looking even more full the next morning, so I had them pose again before school. 

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