Thursday, April 7, 2016


I didn't plan very well for April Fool's day this year, but I did try to do a few little things. I switched the crackers in Kara and Kiersten's lunches. It was Evie's idea, so I've got to give her credit. So Kara thought she was getting cheese whales, and Kiersten thought she was getting cheezits, but they each had the opposite in their pouch. It was a simple enough gag, but Kara made it exponentially better when she saw me putting a package of whales in her lunch. She became very excited, and went on and on about how much she liked them and how they were way cheesier than goldfish crackers. I did feel slightly bad that she was so keen to get them, but figured she'd still eat the cheezits, and I was correct. Ben and I had a hard time keeping straight faces. The best kid to prank is Evie, because she doesn't expect it. I told Kara school was canceled when I woke her up, and she actually did fall for that. Then I told Kiersten to wake up for her field trip to Chuck E Cheese. She was on to me though, and just laughed it off. But Evie had heard from the other room, and came running in angrily to protest Kiersten getting such a fun field trip. I also put a raisin in Kiersten's cereal, and then watched til it was in her spoon to say, "there's a bug in your cereal!" She did scream, and drop the spoon, but tried to claim she was unfooled. Then as Kara was putting her shoes on, I threw a raisin at her and said, "Ew, Kara! Bug!" She also fell for that one, but by then Ben was done with the fooling, and the girls needed to walk to the bus, so that was the end of the fun for the morning.
I know at this point I'm not going to trick them with an April Fool's dinner anymore, so it's mostly just for giggles now. Ben helped me make some "spaghetti" out of cookie dough, but it baked into a big glob, so we switched plans and made a fake lasagna. It had strawberry sauce and shaved white chocolate to look like cheese.

My little Evie was not happy to hear lasagna was for dinner, so I was actually excited as she was coming up the stairs. I kept shushing Kara, who was trying to blow it. When she sat down, she knew something was up with her dinner, but still ate hesitantly. She was happy to find cookies in place of her pasta. She thought it would be funny to wear a St. Patrick's shirt for a gag, but I doubt anyone noticed, or thought anything of it, lol.
Kara is savvy, and I will have to get better if I want to trick her anymore. Maybe next year I will go for breakfast instead. Kara tried to pull a few pranks, but hers are still (luckily) easy enough for me to spot. She told a few friends at school that she was moving to Wisconsin. Much to her surprise, one of the boys pranked her back by saying, "Awesome! I can't wait. I've been dying for you to leave. School will be so much better now without you." She also told me that her braces had fallen off. My response was, "Turn your head or something when you try to trick me because I can see your braces when you speak". 
Kiersten's teacher made her read a paper about the earth being flat, and answer worksheet questions about it. She was mostly just confused. I don't think she played any tricks on anyone.
Look what's on the verge of happening in my front yard! Just another day or two before our cherry tree will be in full bloom, one of my favorite parts of the year! It drives me crazy to wait since it's one of the latest bloomers on the street, but so pretty when it finally all pops.
I've been wanting flowers by the mailbox since we moved in, so Ben finally made me a little flower bed there. I wish I'd gotten a picture the day we planted. We've had a couple weeks of wind and rain, so some of the flowers have seen better days. Still makes me happy, though!
So far nothing has been eaten by the deer and rabbits. We tried our best to find "deer resistant" flowers, and have been spraying them with the smelly stuff.
We also got our flower pots planted, and they are looking cheery and fun.
Ben cleaned up the bushes and hedges. He shaped the boxwoods into squares this year, and it looks much better than I would have thought. I actually quite like the way they look now. We also replaced the bark in our flowerbed, so things are looking all spruced up.

We moved the flowers on our deck up by the house since it was so windy. They were getting pounded, but looks like they're making a come back.
Ben cleaned out under the stairs, and had the girls help him make a rock bed. He is going to find a fountain or other feature to put down there. Kara used to have her garden there, but it just didn't get enough sun.
We have cement poured, retaining wall built, and electrical run to the post. Now we are ready if our hot tub EVER gets here. Waiting is not my favorite.
Kara was given a tree at school a few weeks ago, so Ben planted it for her. Can you see that extremely thin twig to the left of the flag? Hopefully it will be a tree someday. Evie also got a tree from girl scouts, so we will have to see where we want to put that one.

I got rid of several shelf  tchotchkes, and framed all of the girls' sports photos for the bookshelf. I also kept some of our favorite family pics there as well. I actually do have more sports pictures, but for now, these are the ones I have framed.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

Your yard is looking great, I wish my yard looked that good. Great fun for April Fools Day.