Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting out

The girls all got to attend a hoe-down at school for all the girl scouts last week. They were very excited to dress up for it.
There was a photo booth, craft, snacks, dancing, etc. I spent most of my time helping with a swap station, so I didn't get tons of pictures. Luckily lots of other moms did, so I will have to look at our troop websites and see how they all turned out.

It was a fun night!
The next day was Good Friday, so the girls were off school. A friend of ours threw an egg dying party. That was very lively and fun for the girls.
It was nice to have a room at a local grocery store so we weren't worried about anyone's carpet, etc.
They also got to have an egg hunt in the produce section, and they loved doing that.
We're so lucky to have all these fun friends to spend time with!

After dying eggs I took the girls to 6 Flags for opening day. We were there for just a few hours. It was really busy, and long lines for everything.
These 2 sillies wanted to ride in the carriage on the carousel. We ended up leaving because Evie threw a fit about cotton candy, and also, Kiersten needed to get home to get ready for a kids' night out swim party. Hopefully we can go back soon, and Evie will behave better.
Here are a few pictures from our neighborhood Easter egg hunt at the park. It was kind of cold, but the kids enjoyed themselves anyway.
Ready to roll.

Kiersten had her 12 eggs rather quickly. She was thrilled to get 3 $1 coins in the eggs she collected. Kara was very jealous.

Evie refused to go near the Easter Bunny until the very last second. She saw a friend getting a picture, and decided she was okay with him after all.

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