Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring is bursting out all oo-ver!

We had some really nice days late into February. The girls definitely wanted to get out and enjoy it.
Kiersten got the training wheels off her bike, but I haven't gotten a picture since then. I think she could have done it long ago, but was just too nervous to try.  It doesn't help that we live on a hill.
Evie is ready for a bigger bike. I'm not sure if her seat is able to move up any higher.
I spotted some daffodils coming up, and was worried for them, since it snowed 2 days after this. But they made it, and have since bloomed. I will have to get a picture.
Hop-scotching it up!
Even Fifi the stuffed dog got to play.

Kiersten was very excited to address envelopes and mail out her birthday party invitations! She decided to have a magician come this year.
Ben got several inches cut off Evie's hair. It has taken a while to get used to her new look. It is not very curly now that it is shorter, but I suspected the curl was still in there somewhere.
So I decided to find my curly-girl again! It curled very easily, just a few seconds around a hot curling iron. No hairspray, no fuss, done in about 10 minutes, and still curly when she woke up the next morning. Quite different from when Kiersten wants curls. I can spend an hour curling piece by piece, as hot rollers basically do nothing for her. Then we use loads of mousse, gel, or hairspray, and every curl is gone within a few hours.
We had a snow day, so Evie took the opportunity to get ahead on some kindergarten homework.
And then we made chocolate suckers for their teachers and friends.
One of the dads from our brownie troop brought his son to help teach the girls about self defense. It was a pretty crazy class, and the girls just loved it.

He had all of the girls practice screaming as loud as they could. I'm honestly surprised we didn't have anyone checking in on us.
I don't think he was expecting this high kick from Kara.

Kara also tested for her blue belt. It was a really long test. 2 1/2 hours for Kara, and when she was done, there was still a group of kids there finishing up.

She got the blue belt, and said it's just how she likes to spend a Friday night.
While Kara was on her daddy daughter date, I took the other 2 to the library and then the park.

Did I mention this was in the same week we had a snow day?!?

Crazy hair day at school. Kara always takes forever on her hair, and it never ends up looking that crazy. Maybe next time she'll let me help.

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