Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Zoo day

Since the girls were off school Friday, and Ben only worked a half day, we decided to head to the zoo with some friends.
It was a lovely day for the zoo.
Ben and his rhino buddy.

Me and my hippos. Hippo used to be Ben's nickname for me when I was pregnant with Kara.

Evie just couldn't wait to see the elephants. She wouldn't stop asking about them until we got there.

Their tongues turned out to not be as long as that of a bear.

Evie's was freaking out that her buddy ate a dried cherry off the ground. Her response was to purposely set another one down and eat it too. She said, "I haven't died from it yet. That's why I'm healthier than you". I could have died laughing, but told her not to throw any more food on the ground to be eaten.

Kara said she loves the groundhogs because they remind her of her hamster, Sprinkles.

The sea lion show was pretty crowded, so we didn't stay long for that.

In my favorite place! Just kidding, I have lots of bird issues. but we have to act like we're enjoying these things, don't we?

The Somali Wild Asses were fighting like crazy. They are always putting on some sort of show. It got inappropriate, as usual.

It was a great day at the zoo! Glad we got it in :)

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