Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kiersten's Magical Birthday Party

Kiersten really wanted a magic hat cake for her birthday. My original plan was to use dark chocolate glaze, but Ben convinced me that I should go to the store and get some black fondant to make it look nicer. I'm glad I listened because I didn't really have a clear plan for doing the glaze. The brim of the hat is a cake board covered in fondant as well. I thought the kids would not like it or want to eat it, but was surprised that several of them did eat it.
We made the rabbit out of gum paste. I had not worked with it before. I should say Ben made the bunny, because he did actually do most of it. I drew on the face and made the teeth. I was struggling with an edible marker, and gave up and used a sharpie. I figured no one was going to eat it anyway. I made the inside of the ears with pink sugar paper. I'm lucky to be married to a guy who is good at everything. I just showed him a couple pictures of what I was trying to do, and voila! He also had the idea to make the little magic wand. He rolled it in red dusting sugar and colored the end with a sharpie. The roses are icing decorations that Kiersten picked out at the store and wanted to include. I did end up pouring melted chocolate on the top to hide the white frosting on the cake. I think it turned out pretty cute. It drove me crazy that it wasn't perfectly straight, but that's what I get for being lazy when I was leveling off the cakes. I used a new recipe for chocolate cake that was so easy, and really yummy!
It was pretty exciting when the magician arrived and began to set up. It was nice because he brought and set everything up, including party favors, ran the entire party, and cleaned up after himself, and then was gone. It was like magic!
He started doing a few tricks early since the kids that were there were getting anxious.
It was heavy on comedy, which is great for this age of kids.
Most of the kids were eager to be volunteers. He had rules on who could be a volunteer. They had to stay sitting, so certain kids were disqualified. (Evie...)
Of course Kiersten got to do most of the assisting since she was full of birthday magic.

After the performance, he made balloon animals for all of the kids. Kiersten watched carefully to see if she could pick up some pointers. She also got a big magic wand full of magic tricks. All of the kids got magic hats and wands, and a bag with 6 magic tricks that he showed them how to do.

As he was clearing his things out, we all sang "Happy Birthday", and Ben brought out the cake.

She had an "8" candle, so that was pretty easy to blow out in one breath.

She didn't have time to open gifts during the party, but a few friends stayed for dinner and watched her open them while I was gone picking up the food. Ben did call me to make sure I didn't mind.
She really had a fun, magical birthday! I'm going to try to upload a few videos we took of the magic show.

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