Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Break

Right before bed on the 16th, Kara began to panic that a leprechaun may not visit us this year. So she made a big sign to hang outside to make sure that any passing leprechauns would know that we celebrate the day.
It must have worked, because Kiersten woke up the next morning to find a trail of glitter stars, and a hidden treasure.
She was quick to wake us all up to come down and claim the prize.
As expected, Kara made sure to sort out all of the candy evenly so everyone would have the same amount.

They all made sure to wear their green accessories so no one would pinch them.

We cut out some St. Patrick's themed shapes, and used fabric spray paint to decorate t-shirts for the girls to wear. These should fit for a few years, they were pretty big on them, and I had to tie them in the back so they weren't shirt-dresses. Kara wanted hers to say "Luck".
The way she is sitting makes it hard to see, but she has a lucky hat.
Evie wanted to go with a large shamrock on her shirt.
The last day of spring break, the girls had a slumber party for all of their stuffed animals. They also decided to bring down Sprinkles for the fun.
Kara made a little obstacle course for her out of some cardboard boxes.

She sure loves her pet!
Kiersten wanted Sprinkles to stand on her head. The only problem was that Sprinkles wasn't exactly interested in staying there.
Evie is still a little scared to touch her, so she just asked Kara to put her in her lap.
They sure had a grand time, but were disappointed when I made them clean it all up. Kara and Kiersten decided they would like a cleaning list after they got started. So I wrote down some chores, and they hurried to complete all of the tasks. Evie was less enthusiastic to help, but did do some straightening up, and talked Kiersten into helping her clean her room. As a reward, they each got to pick out a snack and drink at the store the next day.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

I love it. You do fun things for the girls.