Sunday, April 26, 2015

Miller weekend

I got a letter in the mail a few weeks ago informing me that Kiersten's artwork had made it into the Rockwood Art Exhibition. She was very excited to see her art on display. She was very secretive at first as to what type of artwork she had created. She did eventually let it slip that it was something she'd made out of clay.  
Here is her piece. She made a cute koala.
She said she wore the sunglasses because she is a celebrity with her art in the show. She's a funny girl. She saw some art there from a few of her other CCL buddies, so that was exciting for her as well.
After the art show, we took the girls to Six Flags. Kara wanted to use some allowance to play this ladder climbing game. She got farther up the ladder than I thought she would.
 But in the end she was unsuccessful at winning a giant stuffed cat. Alas.
I am always willing to ride the superman ride with her. I think it's lots of fun. Kiersten is now tall enough to ride, but hasn't done it yet. Maybe on our next visit!
Evie was finally tall and brave enough to ride the pandemonium roller coaster. She cried for much of it, and I didn't know her eyes could get so big. She really hated it, but tried to act like it had been fun once she got off. I don't think she'll want to do it again any time soon.
She also went to Six Flags yesterday for her daddy-daughter date. She came home really happy.

A picture Ben got of the girl scouts collecting April Showers donations. The girls are always so happy and great about doing this service project. I love my little daisies!
My front room is currently full of these fun gift baskets that will be raffled off at the school carnival on Friday. The kids just keep getting more excited, and when their friends are over, it's cute to see their reactions to all of the fun goodies. Evie is going to be very disappointed if she doesn't win the Disney basket. I keep telling her she'll probably have lots of competition, but she is just sure that it's hers. We got these beauties all wrapped up after collecting the April Showers donations yesterday. I'm relieved to have them wrapped, so the kids can stop messing with/touching the items.
Kara is still convinced that she's the luckiest kid in the world, so it will be interesting to see if her luck holds out for yet another year. I didn't buy that many raffle tickets, so they probably don't have the best chance at winning, but you never know.
Kara was hiding from me, because she didn't want to be tickled, and I finally located her eating a popsicle in the bathroom.
And that's how a weekend goes around here.  

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