Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring stuff

We've been doing some fun stuff the past few weeks.
Kara was given these hand me down boots when she was about 4. By the time they made it to Evie, they were looking pretty rough. I was going to get rid of them, but decided to try a shoe makeover. If it didn't work out, I could still just throw them out.
I decided to spray paint them with glitter spray paint. Taping them off was actually the most difficult part. She doesn't care about the "brats" on the side, so I just painted right over the picture. You can't even notice the bumps there unless you're looking close up.

She is pretty happy with how they turned out. I let her wear them sooner than I should, so now I need to do some touchups where some glitter came off.
A pretty successful project, I have to say.
She wanted me to take a picture of the puzzle she put together the other day. She was very proud.
On April fool's day, I played a few pranks on the girls. I emptied their fruit snack packages, and filled them with goldfish crackers, and then put those in their lunches. I also put plastic spiders in their lunches as always. Maybe one of these years I'll learn a new trick. I also put their lunches in the wrong lunchboxes, but Kara saw Kiersten's in her backpack, and switched them. So they ended up with each other's lunch. Evie was the snack helper at school, so she wanted to play a prank as well. So we bought individual bags of fish crackers, and decorated them to look like cat food. I am sad I forgot to take a picture. They were cute. It was a hit, and the teacher said all the kids were acting like kitties the rest of the day. 

The past few years I've made meatballs for dinner to look like cupcakes or donuts, with mashed potatoes to look like frosting. So this year I made actual cupcakes, and tinted them green. I made a really lumpy looking cream cheese frosting, and gave them to the girls for dinner. They were very hesitant to bite into them. Evie kept asking why it was green.
Kara was trying to play along, and act like she believed it was a real cupcake, though she clearly didn't trust me, and thought it was something else. Even after the first bite or two, she was a little skeptical, but finally relieved to be eating an actual cupcake for dinner.
As soon as she saw Kara eating it, Evie was more than happy to dive into hers.
Kiersten had a busy night with girl scouts and softball practice, so hers was waiting for her when she got home. I think having the other girls expectantly watching her take that first bite, just made her wonder even more what she was about to eat. It was pretty funny. But now I don't know what I should do for next year.
I let Evie decorate the rest of the cupcakes for an egg coloring party we hosted the following day. We had about 15 kids over to color eggs together. She made all different designs and each one was supposed to be something like a princess crown, alien, duck face, etc. She used too many black jelly beans though, and most of those ended up picked off and sitting on the counter.
I was worried I'd done too many treats. We had all this, plus chocolates we made, and several friends brought goodies to share. But the kids wiped it all out pretty quickly. You just can't underestimate a room full of 3-9 year olds.
It was a fun bit of chaos, but the kids were actually really great. We didn't have any big messes, or issues. We had about 20 dying cups filled, and that could have gone so wrong, but I was relieved that it didn't.
My kids each had 5 eggs to dye, but none of them did all of their eggs. They wanted to run off to play with their friends. So Ben and Evie finished dying the rest later when he got home from work.
Yesterday was a the neighborhood egg hunt. Evie was really excited to see the Easter bunny again this year.

It was a little chilly, but a beautiful day.

Kiersten found her 12 eggs pretty fast.
I was sure Evie would have more than 12, but she did a good job, and stopped when she had 12. She's growing up so much lately.
Kara had no problem finding her eggs. She was a little disappointed that her sisters both found money eggs and she didn't.

Fun times.
After the hunt, we headed to Six Flags for a little bit, but it was so crowded, so we did not stay long. Kara was signed up for a glow egg hunt at the pool, but we forgot to go, so she was a little upset to miss that, but got over it pretty well. She's a good kid like that.

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