Monday, May 4, 2015

Softball and Carnival

Kiersten had her first softball game last week. She was nervous to play. She didn't get a hit, but she did learn a lot, and figured out what she needs to work on practicing.
Isn't she adorable in her uniform?
She got to be the catcher for one inning. She seemed to like that.
She had another game on Saturday morning. Before the game they got team pictures taken.
She's such a cutie-wootie.
My Evie is a cutie-wootie too.
And so is Karalee. The kids have been so excited for their school carnival. It turned out great, and we had amazing weather. I was thrilled to get to learn to make cotton candy.
Evie was thrilled to get a ladybug headband. I should have gotten more pictures, but I spent most of the night in the cafeteria doing the raffle baskets. They all had a great time, though.
After we cleaned up from the carnival, we stayed to decorate the girls' teachers' doors for teacher appreciation week. Kara's teacher got a Muffin themed door.
I love how Kiersten's teacher's door turned out. I was pretty frustrated with my printer getting everything ready, but it was worth it how cute it turned out.
While we were working on the doors, the kids got very excited and started screaming about a mouse. I did not believe them at first. I didn't really want to believe them.
But lo and behold, there really was a gross little mouse. It was not very scared of the kids. I'm amazed I got this picture, because I was reaching around the corner without wanting to step foot in the bathroom. Worst part, the custodian was not all that surprised to see that there was a mouse roaming the halls.
Tonight we went to see the Cardinals game with some of the girl scouts. We met up for dinner before heading over to the stadium. The girls were pretty silly.
It was a nice night for a game.
Not really sure why I couldn't manage to look at the camera for my own selfie, but there ya go.

The game started at 7, so we made it about half way through the game, before we had to leave to get the girls to bed. They had a great time.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

Super fun. You guys led an exciting life. The girls are awesome.