Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Snooze at the zoo

Kara's girl scout troop got to sleep at the zoo last week. They learned all about the different groups of vertebrates. Kara really enjoyed that part. She was not too amused when one of the high school volunteers told them fish were warm blooded. She and another girl were both quite upset about that.

They got to see and touch all kinds of pelts, bones, and other preserved animal specimens.
This is a jaguar paw.
They thought this emu foot was pretty neat.
They got to play some fun animal related games. Then they all got to enjoy some pizza and soda.

After dinner we got to explore the zoo in the dark. They girls had a great time seeing the reptiles and amphibians.
Kara took a page out of Evie's book, and decided one of the lizards was in love with her.
This vulture was actually terrifying at night. It spread it's wings all the way out, and I actually had to step away. I felt very anxious, and I definitely felt my heart start to race.
Not a good picture of the wing span, because I was trying to get away as fast as possible, but still trying to get a picture. It's interesting to realize that when feeling threatened, I will totally hide behind a group of girl scouts.

The floor was really really hard, and no one slept very well. I even took a sleeping pill, but still woke several times. The girls were still mostly in a good mood when they woke us up at 6:30 to visit the animals.

The otter was waiting for breakfast, so he was very lively, and kept coming right up to the girls. They all got a kick out of that.
We don't often see the tiger up and around, so Kara thought that was a real treat.
During the night hike there was a bunny in the jaguar enclosure. So in the morning, I was teasing Kara that the bone on that pallet was the bunny's leg. She wasn't amused.  
She insisted on carrying a map around, and still had no clue where on the map we were, or were headed.

We watched the kangaroos for a while. They were fun to observe.

The last stop was the stingray pool. It was the first day for it to be open. The girls had a great time in there petting the stingrays and sharks.

As soon as we got home, we had to hurry to get Kiersten over to softball practice. She looked so cute in her uniform, so I had to grab at least one picture.

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Nancy said...

That sounds fun! ...except for the sleeping part. I would want to go out to my car for that part!