Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baseball and violin

On Monday I got to join Ben at the Cardinals home opener for a work thing. It was a great day, if a little breezy, but I'll take that over snow, rain, or scorching heat.

Our seats were pretty high up, but not too bad. And not as high up as the seats we'll be in when we go with girl scouts.
It's always fun to see the Clydesdales.

This bald eagle performed and it was all very exciting. I'm sure it sounds not that exciting, but it actually was kinda fun.
We lost, but it was still a great day!
Kiersten is star student this week. She got to color and fill out a poster about herself. It's at school so I don't have a picture. She also got to take her favorite book to share with the class. I knew she would pick this horse book. She reads it several times a week. Tomorrow she gets to bring an item in the mystery box, and give clues as to what is inside.
Our cherry tree is one of the last trees on the street to bloom each year, but I am always ecstatic when it finally does. It makes me happy just to look out the window, or drive up to my house. I would sit under it all day if not for the bees it attracts.
Tonight was Kara's violin concert at school. She has been very excited for this. She talks about her music class quite a lot.
All of the third graders looked so cute dressed up. They did a great job.
I did catch her chatting a few times instead of listening to what her music teacher was saying to the audience.
I felt like she was right on beat, and playing perfectly, but Ben insisted she was off a few times. I'm sure he is mistaken though. She played beautifully.
Ben got there a few minutes late, but she was happy when she spotted him in the audience. She was even happier when he gave her a long stemmed rose.
She really wants to take orchestra class next year and play the viola. We are torn because she would miss out on technology class, and that seems like an important class to take. So we'll see what we decide when we get a little more information about both classes. She really does have her heart set on it though.
It's been a pretty fantastic week around here!

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