Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

On Easter morning, Ben made all of us girls breakfast in bed. Afterward, as we were all getting dressed, Kiersten looked out the window and noticed that the Easter Bunny had visited!
Kiersten has been impatiently waiting to wear her pretty new dress. It's super sparkly in person.
I told Evie to do her best pose, and apparently, that's a teapot.
At least I have one kid that will just stand there normally and smile for a picture. I loved her dress this year. Last year she wanted to go as non-fancy and non-girly as possible. So I was surprised this year that she chose such a frilly dress, and also wanted to wear a hat. She even wore lacy socks. So I guess I'm done pretending to know what she likes, lol.
About ready to hunt!
I love this one, because it makes Evie look like more of a competitor than she actually is. She really ends up picking up whatever the others pass by.
Luckily for her, they pass by plenty of eggs.

I was really happy that some of our tulips bloomed just in time for Easter. Next year, Easter will be even earlier, so I doubt we'll have any flowers.
Poor Kara's basket is always hidden really well. So she's always last to find hers. She was kind enough to spot mine for me behind that air conditioner though.

Kiersten was so helpful to tell Evie exactly where her basket was hiding.

I didn't get as many hunting shots of Kiersten as the other two, because she somehow knew when I was about to get her picture, and would turn and pose. So I had to sneak up on her to get some action shots.

This handsome guy never has any trouble locating his basket. I can barely even remember what he looked like 80lbs ago!

They hauled in all of the eggs and baskets in about 20 minutes.
Sorting through quarters, candy, shopkins, and other fun things. Kara found $13.50, Kiersten found $15.50 (without the $5 egg that Kara had), and Evie had just under $10, I believe. Kara got mostly jelly beans in her eggs, and was a little jealous of some of the candy her sisters had.

We headed over to have dinner with some friends. It was a nice, relaxing, fun evening. We made the bunny strawberry shortcake again this year. It didn't look as cute as last year, but I think it tasted better. We made it the night before, so the strawberries and whipped cream had soaked into the cake, and it was very moist.
It was such a lovely day, a perfect Easter.

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Vicky Van Sickle said...

What a great Easter. It makes me want to spend an Easter with you. I love all your daughter's dresses!