Monday, July 30, 2012

yard upgrade

When we bought our house, this is what it looked like. A horrible yard, and too many, overgrown, ugly plants. The first thing Ben did was rip out those tall trees by the front door.He also trimmed up the trees and plants that we intended to keep.
It looked like this for the next few weeks.
The grass we did have was crab grass and water grass, and it was patchy and awful looking.
We hated feeling like we had the worst looking yard on the street.
So a few weeks ago we had all the ugly old grass removed, and replaced with new sod. We both love the clean and trim look now.
We replaced most of the shaggy, old bushes with newer plants, and replaced the red lava rock with white stones. It has been a pain having to water constantly thanks to the record heat, but I think it looks much better than before.


Alli @ Cupcake Diaries said...

It looks so good!! I just love your house. It is just beautiful!

Dustin and Erika said...

Way to go! Those were some major time-consuming upgrades, but I would have wanted the same done asap. I can't beleive the difference it makes having those huge green trees by your front door gone!