Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Evie's 2nd birthday

Evie Pie turned 2 on friday! She was such a sweet little birthday girl. Mickey Mouse called her to say happy birthday, and tell her a little story. She was so excited about it.
She got to lick the frosting beater, and didn't have to share with Kiersten.
I made her a small cake, and it was the perfect size. I didn't want left over cake sitting around all week, since I had made so many other things for her party.
Kiersten helped me decorate the livingroom while Evie napped. It turned out pretty fun.
sleepy birthday baby
Nancy and Victor arrived just before dinner, and Ben brought Evie's favorite, pizza! After dinner, we all watched her open some gifts.
In case you haven't noticed, she really loves Mickey and Minne.

When it was time for cake, she kept trying to grab the fire, so we couldn't get a shot of her with the cake. I had to keep grabbing it away, or holding her hand back away from the flame.
We couldn't get her to even attempt to blow out the candle.
Luckily, her cousin Tommy was there to help her out.
Happy Birthday EVIE!!!!

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